Wednesday, December 07, 2011

I Like Hawaiian Noni Juice

There's a juice that hailed from South America that I'm having trouble finding. It used to be sold in wine bottles or similar, but there are probably many others that I'm not familiar with. Any suggestions for drinks that are very rich in anti oxidants or with "special" ingredients would be most welcome.

I'd like to purchase some for a very close relative, and in this case a little faith in a product will go a long way. You guys have always been helpful, I know there's someone out there that remembers what this was or anything similar will do. Thanks so much!


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Lucas Moore said...

I also like Hawaiian Noni Juice. I have included it in my diet as well. I love to drink it everyday.Using this Noni Juice benefits daily can prevent any number of diseases developing as we all know that serious ailments starts to develop within the cell of our bodies a long time before any visible or noticeable symptoms appear.
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