Saturday, September 29, 2007

TutorVista are Tutor Leaders

"We don't owe the world an explanation, what we owe the world is Education!" With this ringing voice, I remember what one of my mentors drummed into my ears over the years. When it comes to world-class online tutoring, 24/7, TutorVista is the undisputable leader in that realm.

Now that our kids are back to school after the summer vacation, (mine changed schools because of residential relocation), the traditional students problem of Maths and Algebra also resumed with them. But we must admit that only the Master Tutor has the Answer!

The pedagogical approach of unlimited monthly, school and college tutoring, homework help and test prep, has tremendously boosted deeper understanding and higher grades for her students who subscribed to the packages, in all subjects over the years.

Why not try out my suggestion and take advantage by giving your children a chance to truly excel this time around as the new academic session begins.

Amsterdam, Here I Come

We are in the "...ember" months, and it is called Fall, in the West. Truly, somethings are about to 'fall', as the year 2007 rounds up in the next three months. The Netherlands could be very enchanting tourism adventure in these months, that is why easyToBook is the best place to go to anchor this trip.

I am confident that, whatever my destination is in Amsterdam, they are able to give according to my taste and my purse capabilty, because, looking through her website, they cater for both luxurious accommodations, even up to decent and cheap hotels too. I could see an assembly of all hotels in Amsterdam compete to showcase what they have to offer the guests.

I was not surprised to also see that, if New York, London, Dublin, Prague, Barcelona are your own destinations, they have provisions that cover your destination needs too.

Unacceptable and Fradulent Prize!

When I saw the Avatar of John Chow at the bottom of MyBlogLog widget, I wondered what the rambling dot com guru came to do on my blog here because I have not mentioned him in any reference in recent times on my Noni juice blog here.

So I did a curious research when I found a new title: "ThePrizeBlog" by his avatar, which has become a trademark in the blogosphere. My efforts yeilded the masquerade behind John's avatar as one "Brian Aldrich" on MyBlogLog.

I strongly felt it was an abuse to hijack the avatar of John's phograph, it may be a traffic bait, but it looks fraudulent and unacceptable to me. For me, I believe in originality and using another person's photograph to represent one's avatar was crass impersonation.

It is still alright if you perform a blog stunt like our good friend, John Cow, but this one by Brian has definitely gone beyond acceptable idolatory, should I say. I just checked John's blog and I did not find anything there about this chap.

Finally I am not too enthused to even dignify this guy with a visit to his blog because he has already put me off by this fraudulent impersonation. I wonder if John would ignore him too, or head for the courts. The best is to ignore him or report him to the MyBlogLog authorities to tell him to brig down his confusion called avatar.

Friday, August 31, 2007

Aussie Hospitality Is Very Accommodating

One of the world's most famous architectural masterpiece (Opera House), is found in Sydney, Australia. My Aussie Tahitian Noni friends and brethren, Janne & Darryl Thiebaud always come to my mind, anytime my mind roam to super comfort provision of Australian Sydney Hotels. The mouth-watering offers which often include free breakfast and meals, are path of the attractions that make this package tick.

Melbourne, with her cosmopolitan restaurants, riverside walks on elegant streets beautified by sky scrapers, and her grandeur of film festivals, galleries and theater life, is the number two city in Australia packaged by Melbourne Hotels for any man's delight and, if you are with your family or group, it is most memorable.

This dream destination would be incomplete without visiting the third largest city in Australia provisioned and designed by Brisbane Hotels to give you a rapturable experience throughout your visitation.

Brisbane is reputed as the fastest growing city in Australia, particularly with many new migrants from overseas and interstate finding her very hospitable climate and affordable habitation endearing, thanks to the versatile Cheaperthanhotels group's all year round accommodation provision.

Thursday, August 30, 2007

Hotel Francais Facinates My Tourist Imagination

Nightlife in ParisThe most crucial aspect of tourism is destination. If not well managed, it could end in destitution for the intending tourist. Hôtels en Paris is one last minute, sure and romantic destination offered by Hotelsenfrancais that would blow your vivid imagination.

I don't know about you, but for me, tourism runs in my blood, and with the right destination in focus. Nightlife in Paris could be most wonderful and exciting when you let Paris Hotels be your destination, particularly because it has one of the best and most competitive price in France, packaged by Cheaperthanhotels - which has a matchless experience of a conglomerate providing online reservation services since 1996, for more than 30,000 hotels in 130 countries worldwide.

Talking about diversity in prosperity, Hotels in Paris provide a range from, one-star leisure accommodation in Paris Suburbs, to 5-star luxury hotels across in 'Paradise' locations in Paris, and you know what? All Year round!!!

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Making of Noni Juice

Noni, Noni, Noni, ... the Noni wave is bringing many people to health and wealth in America and even the world. Many out there would like to know how to prepare this 'miracle' juice, even if they do not ave access to the Noni tree or fruit.

This Polynesian tree is found mostly in the Pacific and coastal forest of tropical countries in the world, with the notable abundance in Tahitian Islands, Latin America, Hawaii, India, Malaysia, China, Fiji and Nigeria.

The most popular method of preparing noni juice is the traditional method because it is easier and massively adopted by peasants and villagers in Noni regions.

Ripe Noni fruits naturally secrets juice. All you have to do is to wash the ripe fruits and store them in a vats to ferment. The weight of the fruits acts as a crushing press on one another to squeeze the liquid juice out of the fruit. This is called the traditional "Dripping" method. This process takes like 60 days, on the average, to complete.

You will naturally sieve the chaff away from the liquid juice which is dark colored or reddish or sometimes amber, depending on the fruit-type. After the filtration, the juice is pasteurized to preserve the nutrients and natural vitamins of the fruit.

the natural juice last for six months or more if refrigerated afterwards. The commercial bottled juice has an average shelf life of about 24 months.

Your Auto Insurance Needs Solved

The trend of leasing cars out to persons and corporations have come under the umbrella of Leased Vehicle Gap Insurance Policies and it is receiving a boost from many who eagerly seek to solve their auto insurance problems.

My friend from Advantageauto quotes brought my attention to the recent surging interest of people in Automobile Insurance Policies as, almost every one on wheels sought refuge in Auto quotes.

All types of car insurance, including liability insurance, commercial policies, student policies, bad record, good record, etc, fall under their coverage.

I suggest you visit them and Get a quote today for all of your insurance needs.

Blogsvertise Your Way to Fame

Here we go again, the Blogsvertise is the new advertising network that showcases the stuff that advertisers, in partnership with bloggers, have for the visitors that throng our blogs.BlogsverstiseSo, Advertisers, we are set to explode your products to the world.

Give Blogsvertise a trial and you would know that it is a great synergy that brings profiting your way. Expect more news from Blogsvetise on this blog soon.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

The Jet Train Contest

Every blogger seems to be participating in one vral tain or the other these, days.

This is my token contributon to that jet viral train.

If you are a blogger, this is your opportunity for a greater and better exposure, and thereby higher ranking in the blogosphere with the Contest Jet Train, because this also throws up the chance to win some prizes and benefits listed below, sponsored by "Blogging the Movie".

It’s called a Contest Jet Train, since it gives people a chance to go back to be part of the original list, it’s an internet marketing masterpiece. This might be the best idea ever to get paid cool prizes and increase page rank.

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Thursday, July 26, 2007

Noni Juice: Company Chief's Global update

Noni JuiceI just got the July edition of the GLOBAL UPDATE by Kelly Olsen, the President of the Tahitian Noni International. It is always useful to get a peep at the thoughts of the leaders of the Noni juice company.

This also helps noni juice drinkers and lovers, and to know the trends in the health beverage industry. The TNI is the largest noni juice and noni products manufacturing company in the world. to ignore them would be at your peril.

So, here you go, consume Kelly's statement and keep consuming Tahitian Noni Juice. May you live long with a bustling energy:

"Ia’Orana TNI Leaders,

"My father is a retired steelworker. He started working for U.S. Steel as a general laborer when he was 18 years old, shortly after graduating from high school and marrying my mother. He was a very interesting case, my dad. He was a big man, and he made his living with his hands—laying fire brick in the open hearth ovens, working as a welder’s assistant, acting as “hooker” for a large crane crew, and finally repairing the large equipment used to pour and roll out steel. He was a very sensitive guy that had a dream to become a writer. I remember as a kid my dad would enter all the Reader’s Digest writing contests and find every opportunity to express his creative side. He taught Sunday school and loved to film home movies of his kids.

"My mom and dad never stepped foot on an airplane until a few years ago when I invited them to attend our International Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, in 1998. It was their 50th wedding anniversary and they celebrated it with Tahitian Noni International (Morinda at the time). They had the time of their lives with their new TNI family. They have attended several other events over the years including our recent grand opening at Pearl Camp last month.

"I have since pondered the difference between my life and my dad’s. My work has taken me to the far reaches of the world, meeting hundreds of thousands of people in so many countries. Sometimes it seems surreal, but I know my roots began as the son of a fine and wonderful steelworker. He taught me and my brothers to work harder than anyone else. He taught us to be tough and independent. But he also taught us to be sensitive and to constantly look for ways to improve ourselves. If you ask my brothers and sister today, I’m confident that they will all tell you that they (like me) want Dad and Mom to be proud of them. I know many of you have children and you spend countless hours thinking about them. As I ponder our business, Tahitian Noni International, I can’t think of a better goal for us than to create for ourselves a business that our parents will be proud of, that our children will be proud of, that we will be proud of.

I am writing this message to you from my hotel room in Hong Kong. This morning I took my normal walk through the streets and hills of Hong Kong enjoying the cool of the early morning. At the end of my walk, I found myself in a large park in central Hong Kong. In the center of the park is a large pond with coy fish, turtles, and swans playing together. Around the pond are the regulars—older folks doing their morning exercises, moms walking their babies in strollers. . . I
noticed two older ladies on one bench busy fanning themselves to stay cool and chatting with a great deal of energy . . . the entire scene was peaceful and invigorating.

Of course, my natural reaction is to imagine every one of these folks as our future customers. I imagine what is important to them and what we can do to bring them into our TNI family of customers and distributors. I find myself so energized to realize that our core business plan will attract all o f these people to our business and product offerings as time goes by. Our story, brand, research, and product development processes are a foundation of strength for our future. Each product offers the benefits of noni in a way that cannot be duplicated. As I ponder the direction of our product strategy and our promotion plans for the future, I have no doubt that
each of the people in that Hong Kong park will be familiar with TAHITIAN NONI® products, someday. The same is true with every market in the world.

June Results Continue Our Record-Setting Pace

Sometimes when the news is always good, we begin to lose a sense of perspective. We fail to realize how amazing and wonderful it is to be with a company that continues to grow at such an incredible pace. We just had our largest June in company history, out-distancing June of 2004 by over $2 million USD. Our second quarter for 2005 is in the record books, and as a company we had a record second quarter and ended the quarter well ahead of forecast. We are finding
success in every geographic area of our company. We have more distributors earning $1000, $2,500, $5,000, $10,000, $20,000 and more each month than at any other time in our history. We have more distributors advancing to new pin levels than at any other time in our history. Our Case AutoShip retention figures are more than double what they have historically been, and the number of distributors approaching and reaching $1 million in cumulative income is growing at unprecedent ed levels.

In the book Good to Great, Jim Collins explains what his research showed is necessary for a good company to become a great company. He states: “Good is the enemy of Great”. I personally have come to understand that this statement is absolutely correct. Few individuals, companies, or organizations have the will to do what it takes to become great, settling instead for being good or good enough.

One of the defining characteristics of companies that have dared to pursue greatness is the ability to define a business concept that separates them from every other competitor company. In defining this concept, the author suggests that the process requires identifying 3 descriptors of the company:

  • What is the thing that you can be the best at in the world? This is not a wish or a goal, but a deep understanding that there is something that you can be better at than anyone else ... period.
  • What is the economic or financial driver for your company or business?
  • What are you deeply passionate about?
Once these three descriptors are identified, they will shed light on a simple, focused business concept that can lead to greatness.

Anyone who knows TNI can answer the first one readily. We have a deep understanding that we are and will continue to be the best at noni (research, products, processing, promotion, education). This is significant because noni has grown into a major force in natural, healthy products on every continent.

The answer to the second question is Case AutoShip. The Case AutoShip program is the backbone of our financial business. Over 80% of our revenue is generated by individuals who participate in the Case AutoShip program.

The answer to the third one may take you by surprise. Of course we are passionate about a number of things: our products, our distributors, our image and reputation, and so forth. In this context, however, the deep passion we began our company with was based on the idea of taking network marketing to a new level—creating a new kind of company, breaking the old molds and paradigms. This passion was largely responsible for the creation of our compensation plan.

In the coming months, I want to do a refresher course on the core of our business: Our compensation plan, reward system, and support system for distributors. Look for these refresher courses to come in each of the next 3 updates from me. My goal is for you to understand very clearly that we have the foundation in place to become a truly great company.

In the meantime, I hope you are well and successful. I represent my partners, Kerry Asay, Kim Asay, John Wadsworth, and Stephen Story, in telling you of our love and admiration for each of you. Take good care of yourselves and your families.

Best Wishes,"

Kelly Olsen
PresidentTahitian Noni International

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

New Computer Virus on Rampage!

Computer VirusThis is what my friend, Monny Ogunniyi sent to me a few days ago, so watch out to avoid being a victim.


A new virus has just been discovered that has been classified by Microsoft as the most destructive ever. This virus was discovered yesterday afternoon by McAfee . This virus simply destroys Sector Zero from the hard disk, where vital information for its functioning are stored.

This virus acts in the following manner:
It sends itself automatically to all contacts on your list with the title:
"A Card for You".

As soon as the supposed virtual card is opened the computer freezes so
That the user has to reboot. When the ctrl+alt+ del keys or the reset button are pressed, the virus destroys Sector Zero, thus permanently destroying the hard disk.Yesterday in just a few hours this virus caused panic in New York , according to news broadcast by CNN.

This alert was received by an employee of Microsoft itself.

So don ' t open any mails with subject:"A Virtual Card for


As soon as you get the mail, please, delete it !! Even if you know the sender !!!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kelly Olsen Global Update – March 2007

"Ia’Orana TNI Leaders,

It is really amazing that our International Leadership Conference is over. I have to admit to feeling a bit out of breath with it all. This year in Las Vegas, we hosted more Independent Product Consultants—from more countries, speaking more languages—than any event in our history. The MGM Grand is the largest casino hotel in Las Vegas, and it seemed that during our Leadership Conference everyone in the hotel hallways, elevators, restaurants, and shops was wearing a TNI name badge!

The theme of this conference was “Conquer Your World”, referring to the tagline from our latest homerun product, HIRO™. Everyone could feel the tangible sense that Tahitian Noni International is entering a huge new growth phase . . . its second wave. The first wave of growth began in 1996 in the United States and was fueled by TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and our revolutionary compensation plan. The second wave is going to be historic in proportion, building on the foundation of growth and excitement from our first 10 years. Now, adding HIRO and the new TNI Advantage program, this combination will cause volume to increase faster than anything we have ever seen.

Consider the effects of the TNI Advantage program. We have actually created a unique payout system, specifically for sponsoring IPCs, that works harmoniously with our current compensation plan. The TNI Advantage program encourages new IPCs to purchase a “Pack and a Case” as they sign up, thus immediately fulfilling the requirements for personal rebate and their own participation in the TNI Advantage program. As they do, their personal sponsors may qualify to receive a special bonus of 45% of the CV of the Advantage Pack, plus Fast Start Bonus on the Case AutoShip purchase.

An IPC using the “Pack and Case” system may earn over $1,000 USD for sponsoring 5 new IPCs! There has never been an income building program like this in network marketing.

Our strategy is simple: The Advantage Packs are a perfect evolution to Case AutoShip, with benefits such as personal rebate, product discounts, special bonus materials, immediate retailing opportunities, and more. Referred to as a “Pack and Case,” meaning an Advantage Pack and a case of TAHITIAN NONI Juice, the TNI Advantage program has incredible power. Consider an IPC who sponsors 2 new IPCs per month. His or her income the first month using the TNI Advantage program would be $453—a huge increase over the $48 that would come from simply signing them up on Case AutoShip.

Imagine how this new program will impact sponsoring new IPCs. Imagine how it will impact Case AutoShip participation, activity, and retention. Imagine how it will impact ASQV4 and the number of qualified Jades, Pearls, Diamond Pearls, and higher. This program will positively impact Fast Start Bonuses, Unilevel commissions, and the bonus pools simply because more people are coming in and staying in.

The PowerPoint presentations from Las Vegas are now available to all IPCs on the Noni Office website. Go to “Downloads” and click on "Presentations" to find the PowerPoints. I encourage you all to seek these presentations out for more details about what this program offers.

Now, let me talk about HIRO. Again, you will get the best and most complete information from the presentations posted on Noni Office, but let me just make a comment or two.

HIRO is the perfect product:

* HIRO fills an urgent, universal need and delivers key benefits that everyone is looking for.
* HIRO is the most consumable product we have ever produced. Convenient, great tasting and beneficial, you will be surprised how little resistance there is to this product and how quickly you will go through a 24-pack.
* HIRO is simple to explain, simple to understand, simple to enjoy, simple to sell and share, and simple to earn an income from.
* HIRO perfectly compliments TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and is actually better for you than most energy drinks, filling a void in the energy drink market.

Look at this excerpt from a recent article on the beverage industry:

Energy drink makers Hansen Natural Corp., Red Bull and Rockstar saw their sales volumes soar, with Hansen up 68 percent, Red Bull up 27 percent and Rockstar up 65 percent.

"The future is functional," Cindy Hennessy, senior vice president of innovation at Cadbury Americas beverages, said earlier this week at the Reuters Food Summit in Chicago, about the growth of energy drinks. "It's the first scientific improvement anybody's done in the last 40 years."

In the face of slowing soft drink sales, beverage companies have been looking to diversify their offerings, focusing on bottled waters, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, energy drinks and juices. --Reuters Web News Release

* HIRO is positioned in the middle of the fastest growing sector in the beverage industry and our formulas put us in the enviable position of “Best in Category.”
* HIRO offers a new retailing opportunity that we have never really had before at this level. HIRO opens new doors, expands our reach and creates new opportunities.
* HIRO is the perfect way to introduce people to other Tahitian Noni products.
* HIRO plus TNI Advantage offer the best sponsoring system we have ever had, allowing an IPC to earn over $1000 by sponsoring just 5 new IPCs.

Today is Tuesday, March 20, 2007. I am writing this message to you at 3:00 p.m. So far today, IPCs have earned $41,000 in advantage bonuses in the United States!

Now, let me suggest one more thing. TNI will be hosting special business building summit meetings in all major markets in the coming months. In Canada it will be April 7. For Germany and the central Europe region it will be April 13-14. For Northern Europe it will be April 20-22, and for the United States it will be April 26-28. Japan can expect a business summit in mid-May, and Taiwan’s will be May 29. These events will be so valuable for you to attend to get further training on HIRO and the TNI Advantage program. Plan to attend and then plan to go like you have never gone before.

This year will be a new breakthrough year for TNI, the second wave that will energize the entire industry. If you missed the first one, don’t miss this one . . . it will blow you away.

Best wishes,"

Kelly Olsen
Tahitian Noni International