Saturday, September 29, 2007

TutorVista are Tutor Leaders

"We don't owe the world an explanation, what we owe the world is Education!" With this ringing voice, I remember what one of my mentors drummed into my ears over the years. When it comes to world-class online tutoring, 24/7, TutorVista is the undisputable leader in that realm.

Now that our kids are back to school after the summer vacation, (mine changed schools because of residential relocation), the traditional students problem of Maths and Algebra also resumed with them. But we must admit that only the Master Tutor has the Answer!

The pedagogical approach of unlimited monthly, school and college tutoring, homework help and test prep, has tremendously boosted deeper understanding and higher grades for her students who subscribed to the packages, in all subjects over the years.

Why not try out my suggestion and take advantage by giving your children a chance to truly excel this time around as the new academic session begins.

Amsterdam, Here I Come

We are in the "...ember" months, and it is called Fall, in the West. Truly, somethings are about to 'fall', as the year 2007 rounds up in the next three months. The Netherlands could be very enchanting tourism adventure in these months, that is why easyToBook is the best place to go to anchor this trip.

I am confident that, whatever my destination is in Amsterdam, they are able to give according to my taste and my purse capabilty, because, looking through her website, they cater for both luxurious accommodations, even up to decent and cheap hotels too. I could see an assembly of all hotels in Amsterdam compete to showcase what they have to offer the guests.

I was not surprised to also see that, if New York, London, Dublin, Prague, Barcelona are your own destinations, they have provisions that cover your destination needs too.

Unacceptable and Fradulent Prize!

When I saw the Avatar of John Chow at the bottom of MyBlogLog widget, I wondered what the rambling dot com guru came to do on my blog here because I have not mentioned him in any reference in recent times on my Noni juice blog here.

So I did a curious research when I found a new title: "ThePrizeBlog" by his avatar, which has become a trademark in the blogosphere. My efforts yeilded the masquerade behind John's avatar as one "Brian Aldrich" on MyBlogLog.

I strongly felt it was an abuse to hijack the avatar of John's phograph, it may be a traffic bait, but it looks fraudulent and unacceptable to me. For me, I believe in originality and using another person's photograph to represent one's avatar was crass impersonation.

It is still alright if you perform a blog stunt like our good friend, John Cow, but this one by Brian has definitely gone beyond acceptable idolatory, should I say. I just checked John's blog and I did not find anything there about this chap.

Finally I am not too enthused to even dignify this guy with a visit to his blog because he has already put me off by this fraudulent impersonation. I wonder if John would ignore him too, or head for the courts. The best is to ignore him or report him to the MyBlogLog authorities to tell him to brig down his confusion called avatar.