Sunday, March 25, 2007

Kelly Olsen Global Update – March 2007

"Ia’Orana TNI Leaders,

It is really amazing that our International Leadership Conference is over. I have to admit to feeling a bit out of breath with it all. This year in Las Vegas, we hosted more Independent Product Consultants—from more countries, speaking more languages—than any event in our history. The MGM Grand is the largest casino hotel in Las Vegas, and it seemed that during our Leadership Conference everyone in the hotel hallways, elevators, restaurants, and shops was wearing a TNI name badge!

The theme of this conference was “Conquer Your World”, referring to the tagline from our latest homerun product, HIRO™. Everyone could feel the tangible sense that Tahitian Noni International is entering a huge new growth phase . . . its second wave. The first wave of growth began in 1996 in the United States and was fueled by TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and our revolutionary compensation plan. The second wave is going to be historic in proportion, building on the foundation of growth and excitement from our first 10 years. Now, adding HIRO and the new TNI Advantage program, this combination will cause volume to increase faster than anything we have ever seen.

Consider the effects of the TNI Advantage program. We have actually created a unique payout system, specifically for sponsoring IPCs, that works harmoniously with our current compensation plan. The TNI Advantage program encourages new IPCs to purchase a “Pack and a Case” as they sign up, thus immediately fulfilling the requirements for personal rebate and their own participation in the TNI Advantage program. As they do, their personal sponsors may qualify to receive a special bonus of 45% of the CV of the Advantage Pack, plus Fast Start Bonus on the Case AutoShip purchase.

An IPC using the “Pack and Case” system may earn over $1,000 USD for sponsoring 5 new IPCs! There has never been an income building program like this in network marketing.

Our strategy is simple: The Advantage Packs are a perfect evolution to Case AutoShip, with benefits such as personal rebate, product discounts, special bonus materials, immediate retailing opportunities, and more. Referred to as a “Pack and Case,” meaning an Advantage Pack and a case of TAHITIAN NONI Juice, the TNI Advantage program has incredible power. Consider an IPC who sponsors 2 new IPCs per month. His or her income the first month using the TNI Advantage program would be $453—a huge increase over the $48 that would come from simply signing them up on Case AutoShip.

Imagine how this new program will impact sponsoring new IPCs. Imagine how it will impact Case AutoShip participation, activity, and retention. Imagine how it will impact ASQV4 and the number of qualified Jades, Pearls, Diamond Pearls, and higher. This program will positively impact Fast Start Bonuses, Unilevel commissions, and the bonus pools simply because more people are coming in and staying in.

The PowerPoint presentations from Las Vegas are now available to all IPCs on the Noni Office website. Go to “Downloads” and click on "Presentations" to find the PowerPoints. I encourage you all to seek these presentations out for more details about what this program offers.

Now, let me talk about HIRO. Again, you will get the best and most complete information from the presentations posted on Noni Office, but let me just make a comment or two.

HIRO is the perfect product:

* HIRO fills an urgent, universal need and delivers key benefits that everyone is looking for.
* HIRO is the most consumable product we have ever produced. Convenient, great tasting and beneficial, you will be surprised how little resistance there is to this product and how quickly you will go through a 24-pack.
* HIRO is simple to explain, simple to understand, simple to enjoy, simple to sell and share, and simple to earn an income from.
* HIRO perfectly compliments TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and is actually better for you than most energy drinks, filling a void in the energy drink market.

Look at this excerpt from a recent article on the beverage industry:

Energy drink makers Hansen Natural Corp., Red Bull and Rockstar saw their sales volumes soar, with Hansen up 68 percent, Red Bull up 27 percent and Rockstar up 65 percent.

"The future is functional," Cindy Hennessy, senior vice president of innovation at Cadbury Americas beverages, said earlier this week at the Reuters Food Summit in Chicago, about the growth of energy drinks. "It's the first scientific improvement anybody's done in the last 40 years."

In the face of slowing soft drink sales, beverage companies have been looking to diversify their offerings, focusing on bottled waters, ready-to-drink teas and coffees, energy drinks and juices. --Reuters Web News Release

* HIRO is positioned in the middle of the fastest growing sector in the beverage industry and our formulas put us in the enviable position of “Best in Category.”
* HIRO offers a new retailing opportunity that we have never really had before at this level. HIRO opens new doors, expands our reach and creates new opportunities.
* HIRO is the perfect way to introduce people to other Tahitian Noni products.
* HIRO plus TNI Advantage offer the best sponsoring system we have ever had, allowing an IPC to earn over $1000 by sponsoring just 5 new IPCs.

Today is Tuesday, March 20, 2007. I am writing this message to you at 3:00 p.m. So far today, IPCs have earned $41,000 in advantage bonuses in the United States!

Now, let me suggest one more thing. TNI will be hosting special business building summit meetings in all major markets in the coming months. In Canada it will be April 7. For Germany and the central Europe region it will be April 13-14. For Northern Europe it will be April 20-22, and for the United States it will be April 26-28. Japan can expect a business summit in mid-May, and Taiwan’s will be May 29. These events will be so valuable for you to attend to get further training on HIRO and the TNI Advantage program. Plan to attend and then plan to go like you have never gone before.

This year will be a new breakthrough year for TNI, the second wave that will energize the entire industry. If you missed the first one, don’t miss this one . . . it will blow you away.

Best wishes,"

Kelly Olsen
Tahitian Noni International