Tuesday, August 29, 2006

TNI News: Huge September! Ten New Noni Products and Much More


September is going to be the most action-packed month of 2006—check out all that’s coming your way:

A new campaign begins
The all-new Tahitian Noni® product catalog arrives!
New issue of Tahiti Tradewinds ™, plus the Tahiti Tradewinds™ Special Edition
Success Path™ Vision Retreat in Hawaii
Registration begins for the Las Vegas convention
A new convention promotion will be announced…
And on top of all that, we'll launch TEN new products on September 1:

TAHITIAN NONI® Juice 60 ml (2 oz) bottle
Four new high protein drinks
Four new teas from the Tahitea™ line
Canine Essentials™ Rewards
Every day this week, I’ll send you a new email about each one of these things. We’ll start today with the new High Protein Drinks and Tahitian Noni™ Canine Essentials™ Rewards.

September is going to be huge!!! Get geared up for the biggest momentum of the year!"

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communication
Tahitian Noni International

Four New High Protein Drinks Available Now

Tahitian Noni® High Protein Drinks now come in two new versions that taste so good you won’t believe they’re good for you!

Highly bio-available protein and essential amino acids help you build lean muscle mass, maintain energy levels, and satisfy your appetite. Choose from regular or low carb versions, and enjoy the delicious new flavors—velvety chocolate and enticing vanilla. They also come in new easy-to-close canisters!

Make the move to a healthy lifestyle today! Visit the store section of NoniOffice.com or call 1-800-445-2969.

Vanilla – Regular and Low Carb
Chocolate – Regular and Low Carb
Retail: $38
CAS: $25
QV/CV: 15

Canine Essentials™ Rewards Available September 1

Wholesome ingredients and a great taste make Canine Essentials™ Rewards the perfect treat for your dog. You’ll love that the fact that your best friend is getting the noni he or she needs, and your dog will love the taste!

Canine Essentials Rewards is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, providing them with all the natural benefits of Morinda citrifolia (noni) in a highly palatable canine treat.

Try Canine Essentials Rewards today! Visit the store section of NoniOffice.com or call 1-800-445-2969 today.
Shon Whitney Update/Hurricane Katrina - September 10, 2004
In Honor of huricane Katrina victims and Tahitian Noni modest intervention Shon brought this piece our way again. Enjoy

"Ia’Orana TNI Leaders,

You’ve all heard about the hurricanes that have hit Florida in the last couple of weeks. They have wreaked havoc on that state, leaving many people homeless and discouraged. But not everyone was left helpless: I received an email from a Florida distributor named Michelle Sanchez, and I wanted to share it with you. She sheds some incredible light on the benefits of owning a Tahitian Noni distributorship in unstable times like this.

These are great thoughts to carry with you into the weekend. Being a distributor of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is truly a unique and underappreciated opportunity. I hope Michelle’s message will impact you as much as it impacted me. We wish all our distributors in Florida the best as they brace for yet another hurricane. Our thoughts are with you".

Shon Whitney
General Manager, North America

From: Michelle SanchezTo: Shon Whitney Subject: Thoughts of Charley and Tahitian Noni International!Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 18:38:29

While I was eating my lunch today, I was quickly scanning the newspaper for business-related items like I always do. I came across an article about those in South Florida who have not only lost everything they own due to hurricane Charley, but they have also lost their only means to earn a living! I usually don't read the articles about the hurricane, because every day our local papers are full of horribly depressing stories of terrible suffering and it affects me too deeply to read them. But this particular article caught my attention for a reason.

The article told of one woman who worked three restaurant jobs just to make ends meet, and how her brand new dream home is destroyed, and so are her places of employment, leaving her homeless and unemployed. When she got to the temporary unemployment office set up to assist the hurricane victims, she found that the only work available was cleanup and construction work, which even if she could do it, would not provide enough income! Another woman was way past retirement age, and had spent her savings on her trailer home, only to have it destroyed with no insurance coverage. Now she has to go back to work! Of course, she can't do heavy physical labor, so there is no work for her! Those who once had lucrative jobs or careers are now desperate for any kind of work, no matter how little the pay or what kind of work it is

The reason I'm sharing this with you is that it made me really think about how fortunate we are to have this business, in both good times and in bad. For example, while I evacuated for the hurricane, my loyal customers around the country continued to place orders and my distributors around the country continued to do business, so my business continued on without me! Thankfully, I have built a business all over the country, so it remains unaffected by localized events. And during all this chaos, my TNI check had been automatically deposited into my account!

When I left, I took my computer and cell phone with me, so even if my area would have been hit head-on as was predicted, I could have continued my business from anywhere, even if I lost everything else I owned. If I owned a traditional business, I would lose it all and have to start my business all over again, which could take months as is the case in South Florida! And I would be one of those standing in line for construction work to labor in the 100 degree heat and 100% humidity for about $5 an hour!

How about you? Would you be standing in line? Or would your Tahitian Noni business sustain you? It is something to seriously think about! I know I have!

Do you realize that even if you were fortunate enough to get a laborer's job for $10 an hour (which is rare - most are minimum wage) and you worked eight hours a day, that would net you about $60 (or less). Do you know how many bottles of TNJ you would have to retail to make that same $60 in a day? You would only have to sell 4 bottles at retail! Would you rather sell 4 bottles of TNJ or work 8 hours in the blazing sun doing heavy labor? Something to think about!

I have always said that some of the greatest blessings of this business go way beyond the money—and this is just one more reason to be grateful for this business and all the benefits it provides us. I hope you look at your business today, and every day, and really see all the blessings and benefits it can provide, and realize how fortunate you are to be part of something that makes a difference in people's lives in every way, every day!

Your Partner in Success,

Michelle Sanchez
September Noni Conference Call: The Secret of Goal-Setting
September 5, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
Goal Setting – What’s the Secret?

What’s the key to success? Goal setting: set reasonable targets,
take small steps, recognize success, and keep it up! Great Lakes
Regional Sales Manager Buck McMurray will present what he knows
about customizing your goals and achieving them! Please invite your
group to join you in listening to this call!

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!
September 12, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
What Can You Say?

How do you know what you should and shouldn’t say about Tahitian
Noni® products, Tahitian Noni International spokespeople, and
Tahitian Noni International in the media? Southwest Regional Sales
Manager Craig Colyar will deliver a perfectly concise guideline on
PR. Don’t miss this call!

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!
September 19, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
Vision Retreat Recap

This year’s Vision Retreat on the island of Hawaii should be the
very best yet! If you can’t be there, we’ll bring all the updates
to you. Southeast Regional Sales Manager Dan Hillstrom will share
all the happenings from this year’s event. Please join us for this

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!
September 26, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® Holiday Plan

The holiday season can be the most beautiful and festive time of
the year, but it’s not always the best for your waistline! Plan 40
National Sales Manager Laura Kimball , Plan 40 Founder Arlene
Olsen, and Advisory Board member Maria Bailey will be on hand to
help you navigate this upcoming calorie-laden season. This is a
call not to miss!

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!