Saturday, September 16, 2006

Noni Retreat: Kelly's 100,000-Dollar Challenge

Wow, The Tahitian Noni world leadership challenges the world to "show us a better company!". Thanks to Shon for bringing us this news from Hawaii.


Yesterday, at the 2006 Vision Retreat in Hawaii, TNI President Kelly Olsen issued this challenge: “If you can find any other network marketing company that can exceed our 10-year achievements, we’ll pay you $100,000!”

We challenge anyone to find a network marketing company that, within its first 10 years, exceeds the accomplishments of Tahitian Noni International. TNI continues to offer the best opportunity, the best products, and the best lifestyle to its Independent Product Consultants, period. No other company comes close!

Kelly has created a 15-minute DVD to help you introduce your prospects to the $100,000 Challenge. This DVD will be sold in 25-packs for $25 and should be available for purchase late next week. The Challenge video and information can also be found in the Opportunity section of beginning Tuesday, September 19. "

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International


We are so confident in our track record as a company, we’ll pay anyone $100,000 if they can find a network marketing company that, within its first 10 years, exceeds the accomplishments of Tahitian Noni International in these five key areas:

Revenue, Payout & Incentives

Reached cumulative sales milestones faster than any other network marketing company: $500 million, $1 billion, $2 billion, $3.5 billion
Reached cumulative cash payout milestones faster than any other network marketing company: $250 million, $500 million, $1 billion, $1.5 billion
Hosted an historic number of incentive trips, promotions, & extra bonus programs

Corporate Strength

Built, owns, manages, and maintains more dedicated facilities than any other network marketing company
Established more product brand recognition than any other network marketing company in history
Maintains active membership in the Direct Selling Association and serves on the World Federation Direct Selling Association CEO Council


Is responsible for a completely new product category within the health products industry: Healthy Exotic Juices
Saw noni become the first of a new designation called “Power Fruit”
Developed and maintains the only noni harvesting certification system in the world
Sold more bottles of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice than any other company sold any other liquid dietary supplement or exotic super-fruit beverage product

Research & Process

Holds 40 U.S. patents and patents pending, with 66 international patent registrations pending
Controls the harvesting, transporting, processing, and manufacturing process from tree to bottle
Owns and maintains the largest noni-dedicated research facility in the world
Owns and operates the largest noni-dedicated processing facility in the world

Corporate Citizenship

Forged a very unique relationship with the government and people of French Polynesia
Created a new industry that has had sweeping economic benefits for an entire country
Set a new standard for partnerships between business, government, and people
Became the only network marketing company to be officially honored by an entire country and an international organization

Challenge expires December 31, 2006

Ambassadorial Noni: Governor Invades China With Tahitian Noni

Our Tahitian Noni will receive another diplomatic boost next month as Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. of the state of Utah, takes Tahitian Noni, along with his delegation during his planned state-sponsored trade mission to China next month. What an opportunity for busness expansion! as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune. Barely two months ago, it was the President of french Polynesia- Tahiti, Oscar Temaru, who flagged off the diplomatic drive, by presenting Tahitian Noni Juice to the Japanese Prime minister during his state visit to Tokyo.

The Huntsman-led delegation which would include the prime leaders of Tahitian Noni International, would meet with business and government leaders in Beijing and Shanghai, in a drive to extend the Utah's educational, economic development and tourism reach into China during the trip.