Monday, October 09, 2006

Brand New Tahitian Noni Business Opportunity Brochure

Hello, IPCs, this is another brand new information from Shon Whitney to us:


You now have access to a brand new, completely updated business
opportunity brochure! This new brochure fits perfectly into a standard business
envelop, or it slips nicely into your purse or briefcase. It's just the thing for
piquing interest and sharing the power of owning your own Tahitian Noni

Your contacts get 16 pages of beautiful photos and concise, to-the-point

Topics include:

  • The freedom of owning your own business
  • TAHITIAN NONI® Juice and other Tahitian Noni® products
  • The Access Marketing concept
  • TNI's compensation plan
  • Success Path and the Tahitian Noni lifestyle
  • Spokespeople and press coverage

The new business opportunity brochure is available in packs of 10 for
just $5.

Pick it up today by logging on to or by calling

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

Tahitian Noni Web Catalog Program Coming October 18

To all our Independent Product Consultants, this latest Information from Shon Whitney is valuable for you.


We are in the final stages of redesigning the online catalog program, and you are going to love it. This easy-to-use tool allows you to submit the names and addresses of your customers, and then TNI will send catalogs to them for you! Each catalog includes a personalized message from you, as well as a code that links the catalog to your IPC number so you get credit for every order your catalogs generate.

The new online catalog program includes:

An easier to use, completely redesigned interface for creating your mailing lists and quickly tracking the results you're getting.

Catalogs will now mail once per week instead of once every two months.

There's no longer a 25-catalog minimum when you order, send as many as you'd like, as often as you'd like! Your catalog mailing list information is automatically transferred into the Contact Manager so you can follow up with each customer.

This beautiful new catalog has been very well received, and IPCs across the U.S. are using it to introduce their customers to the power of Tahitian Noni® products.

Get your customer lists ready, and visit the new online catalog section of Noni on Wednesday, October 18!"

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

Sunday, October 08, 2006

If You Want To Lose Weight,...Drink Water!

Weekly Tip From Plan 40® Sales Team: Drink Water!

"Dear IPCs,

The most abundant resource on our planet is water. Some astrologists have even nick-named Earth the "Blue Planet." In our weight-control journey, water can be a great asset to us. Here's why...

* Our kidney's cannot function properly without adequate water. When they are hampered in their efforts, they dump off part of their load to the liver. Now, remember that one of the liver's main jobs is to metabolize fat. If the liver has to pick up the slack from the kidney's, it cannot perform to its maximum capacity. Result? Less fat ismetabolized and more is stored in the body.

* Our body will only tolerate a certain concentration of sodium. If we eat too much salt, our body will retain water to dilute it. Want to getrid of the excess sodium and return the body to its normal balance? Drink water!

* Water helps to maintain muscle tone, which in turn helps to prevent dehydration.

* Drinking adequate water helps to prevent the sagging skin that can follow weight loss.

* Water helps the body to get rid of waste. During weight loss, there is more waste to eliminate. All the metabolized fat must be carried out ofthe system.

* Retaining fluid? The best remedy for retaining fluid is to drink water. That seems a little bit counter-intuitive, but when the body has less fluid than it needs, it retains fluid to combat the perceived threat. This retained water is stored between the cells and leads to the stiff, bloated feeling we all know. The best way to solve this problem is giving the body enough water so that it will release the stored water.

How much water is enough? The best guide is the color of your urine. It should be a very pale yellow. Worried about being up all night using the restroom? As the body gets used to the correct amount of water and eliminates the excess waste that has been building up in the body, the feeling of needing to urinate constantly will subside. Water, inexpensive, available everywhere, good for you! Drink several glasses today!

-Best Wishes,"

Plan 40® Sales Team

Thank You leaders, for these powerful but natural health tips. We appreciate them.

Tahitian Noni Progesterone Cream

Tahiti Trim Plan 40® Body Balance Cream

This is the latest product news passed to us by Druskee:

Hormones-especially progesterone for women, play a vital role in your health and overall well-being. However the transition into menopause can lead into hormone imbalance. Because progesterone affects every tissue in a woman's body, this loss is not one that can be easily ignored. This imbalance of hormones can induce cravings-especially sweets and starches. These cravings can lead to frequent snacking and weight gain.

The Tahiti Trim Plan 40® Body Balance Cream, is formulated with natural progesterone, restores your sense of physical and emotional well-being and keeps the increased food cravings that come with hormonal changes under control.

Featured Ingredients:
  • Progesterone-which helps balance the hormones levels
  • Noni Fruit Juice-which promotes healthy skin
  • Noni Seed Oil-a powerful moisturizer and hydrator
  • Sunflower Seed Oil-has high levels of essential fatty acids as well as
  • Lecithin and carotenoids- all which help your skin absorb nutrients and function as a protective barrier

Price: $38(retail) $25(member price)

How To Build Your Tahitian Noni Business

My family calls her Mommy Dru, Dru Young Briedis is our inestimable mentor and foremost woman IPC, the #15 on the Tahitian Noni International Inc. List of millions of IPCs over the world. Her sweet-sixteen, ravishing beauty belies her age, thanks to the Tahitian Noni "miracle", that lifted her, out of a bed-ridden, debilitating energy-sucking circumstances ten years ago! She sent us these vital tips on bulilding our Tahtian Noni Network unto a fruitful level. Think upon this one, it may appear slow, but it would cumulate unto a steady growth of your organisation, income and fulfilment. And that is the strategy that wins the Noni race. Now on your marks, Get set, Gooo:

"If you passed out 2 CD's or tapes a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, thiswould be 40 CD's passed out and prospects' phone numbers gathered.

When you follow up to pick up your CD to recirculate, ASK: "What interested you most on the CD?"

I just loan them the CD with a date set to get it back and keep those CD's in circulation.

Always suggest they are welcome to loan the CD to anyone they think could benefit.

If ONE person a month signed up..., and you taught them to sign up ONE person a month...

...and to teach their people to sign up ONE person a month -- andthey did it!

... at the end of 1 year you would have over 4,000 in YOUR successline.

At this point you've achieved true financial independence! "

What a brilliant thought and ACTION in display!

Thanks Mommy Dru for your wisdom.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Celebrating Virtue and Boundless Noni Energy: Amira Havas

Today is My friend and mentor's brithday. Amira Havas is one woman who has poured her whole life into helping people all over the world to find health and wealth in the virtue carried by the Tahitian Noni Juice.

A Noni Jewess without a guile. My family has been a great benefactor of this Jewish Amazon in an unimaginable way, particularly in our Tahitian Noni business here in Nigeria.

Full of compassion and action, she is a positively restless being that makes the internet practically a sociable and enjoyable home. My husband used to say that there are two categories of people on the net. The first, are people who live by the web, while the second category, are the ones who live on the web. Amira lives practically on the web, impacting the world for Noni. If you miss her online, it is because, she has gone to sleep or gone to pick her sons from school.

I am deeply proud to be associated with you. Thank you for being a multiplied addition to my family and business life on the net. I love you with pride. On behalf of my husband and family, I congratulate you on this another successful cycle of life you just completed. Many happy returns of the day.

la'Orana Amira Havas!

Monday, September 18, 2006

10 Year History of Tahitian Noni International from July 1996 to July 2006

- By Floyd Holdman

Tahitian Noni International is going high places. Now that Heads of States, Governors and Prime Ministers are becoming ambassadors of the good news that The Noni Juice is doing round the world, it is time for us to tell the story of how it all began, that is why I went into the archives to bring you what our mentor, Floyd Holdman, compiled for the history of Tahitian Noni.

Morinda 1996. Chapter 1 begins.
• Build a company with values
• What defined us:
– Product
– Desire to be different in significant ways
– Home to beat up networkers
– Always err on the side of our distributors
• Original company structure intended to have 5 legs direct to the company. They ended
up sponsoring only 4. Today we have 3.
• Morinda/TNI or the founders have not sponsored any additional leg since June 1996 to
fill up the two missing legs.
Marketing Plan Evolution

• No dynamic compression
• Infinity Bonus was traditional, no DPE
• 8 level payout did not include double spot for Jade
• FSB (Fast Start Bonus) was 3 generation
• TPB (Top Performer Bonus) was a one time event for new Jades only
• BPB (Black Pearl Bonus) was for qualifiers only, no team bonus
• No compression for qualification
• No maintenance qualification for Jade, Pearl, or DP
• No personal rebate
• No preferred customer position
• Founder’s Club Promotions began

• Dynamic Compression was installed permanently
• Black pearl Bonus changed to team bonus, Black Pearl roll up began
• Infinity Bonus changed to pool bonus format (counting 20 levels)
• Diamond Pearl Elite added
• Personal Rebate added
• Fast Start Bonus changed to 5 generation
• 8 level Unilevel changed to allow two Jade positions
• Compression for qualification
• Maintenance qualification added
• Top Performer Bonus changed to pool bonus
• Preferred customer added
• Lead share began
• Outrigger and Black Pearl incentives began

• Multiple positions discontinued
• Placement tightened
• Concierge Club program and incentives
• Millennium Bonus
• Case Autoship changed to conditional and unconditional

• Placement volume qualification provision
• Black Pearl Bonus changed to allow maintenance qualification
• Black Pearl, Infinity Bonus, Top Performer Bonus pool allocation changed to CAS (Case
Auto Ship) levels 6, 8 and 20
• Success Path began
• TN Rewards Member Program
Founders have never personally participated in the plan.
The only company spot is the top sponsor spot.
Track Record:
• Profitable since year 1
• Top 10 in total sales of all MLM companies; youngest of the top 10
• Largest MLM company launched in the past 10 years
• Total sales of approximately $3.5 Billion USD
• Commissions of over $1.6 billion

Commissions paid since beginning: $1,634,820,229.00
Non commission bonuses: $27,366,194.00
Incentives/recognition/rewards/support: $62,650,000.00
Other promotions and awards: $10,772,000.00
Grand total: $1,735,608,423.00
Total of commissions, bonuses, incentives: 56% of CV (Commissionable Volume)
Original model was based on US business environment:
• Expenses
• Regulatory
• Legal
• Infrastructure
• Banking, payment, etc.
Expansion in Chapter 1 took us global
Reality of doing business globally
• Our business model restricts us
• Costs: Infrastructure, operating expenses, taxes, legal, transportation, social costs,
product registration, currency exchange
• Every other company researched has included a provision to balance this effect.
• Breakage, different qualifications, payment caps, etc.
• TNI has always treated business anywhere like it was in the US.
Examples of expenses:
• Novel Food in Europe. $4 million
• Russia Social Costs
• Japan banking transactions
• Europe Commissionaire
• Rent
• Salaries, utilities, etc.

Reality Check: It is not possible for TNI to continue to do business in many markets under their Chapter 1 business model. TNI cannot continue to lose money in any market. They must
maintain a minimum margin output from every market they do business in.

85% of TNI sales come from 5 major markets:
• Japan
• Taiwan
• Germany/Austria/Switzerland
• Norway/Sweden/Denmark/Finland
97% of all profits come from those same markets
92% of all sales come from the top 12 markets. Add:
• Brazil
• Canada
• Mexico
• Australia/NZ
• Hong Kong
• UK
• China
These markets contribute an additional 1.75% in profit
8% of total sales come from remaining 65 (approximate) markets.
These markets contribute the remaining 1.25% of profit

USA is our fastest growing market worldwide.
The near-term volume potential in our top 5 markets exceeds the rest of the world combined.
Beginning in 2006, TNI’s strategic objective is to focus the vast majority of their resources on
their top 12 markets with special urgent focus on the top 5.
TNI’s reorganization and preparation for Chapter 2:
• Adjust business model in all markets to reflect our focused strategy
• Support will be applied on a Tiered basis for Product, Success Path, Access Marketing,
Brand Building and other marketing programs.
• Tier 2 markets will be managed by a Regional General Manager over that geographic
• Tier 3 Markets will be managed by a special corporate group reporting to Joel Neilson.
There are no changes to our Compensation Plan design.
Can a Tier 3 country become a Tier 2 country and Tier 2 become a Tier 1?
Yes it can:
• Upward Sales Trends
• Profitability Standards
• CAS Positive Retention
• Strong and Committed Leadership

Newest Bonus Pool:
• Stock option pool from a pool amount of 5% of company
• Qualifications
– Black Pearls
– Club Marquises
– Global Executives
• Pool can be refreshed
• Vested
• Upside potential is substantial

Vested Stock Option Pool
Total company shares 33,000,000
5% for the pool 1,650,000
Offer is Limited - Current Pool Ends at the IPO Date
Timing is critical. The greatest value can be achieved right now.
Option value is calculated by deducting the current value from the market value at the exercise
date in the future. As the company grows and gains market value, the value of the options

Why is it strategically important for TNI to go public?
1. Capital for expansion and to execute Chapter 2
2. Reward current IPC Leaders and Key Employees
3. Attract new IPC Leaders and Key Employees
4. Prestige and Reputation
5. Public image is enhanced
6. Access to media and publicity
7. Discipline leading to greater return and longevity
Published Compensation Plan
Tahitian Noni International’s revolutionary 4 phase compensation plan is set to payout a full
53% of all commissionable volume from eligible markets in five ways:
• Personal Rebate: 20 % on all commissionable personal volume above 120 QPV per
• Fast Start Bonus: 45% on all volume from new IPC’s from 5 fully compressed
generations. Paid weekly.
• Unilevel Commissions: 45% paid on 8 fully compressed levels. Dynamic compression
ensures that every distributor receives the maximum payout possible for their title.
• Global Bonus Pools: 8% of total commissionable volume from all fully supported
markets is contributed each month to 3 separate bonus pools:
Top Performer Bonus 2%
Infinity Bonus 3%*
Black Pearl Bonus 3%
*Infinity Bonus is paid on Infinity Bonus Volume.
• Vested Stock Option Pool: 5% of total company stock will be made available in the
form of stock options to qualified TNI Leaders. This allows one more significant way for
TNI Leaders to benefit from the success of the entire company.

4th Bonus Pool
Previously Announced 4th Bonus Pool attached to Access Marketing will remain in place and
activated as soon as there are profits to share
Now is the Time
As you can see, there has never been a better time to be involved with Tahitian Noni
International than now. We have begun Chapter 2 and the Second Wave is coming! Are you
going to be standing at the station and wondering what just went by or are you going to be on the
train to Financial Freedom and Independence? Now is the time to make it happen.
We have the right product, we have the right leadership, we have the right company and we have
the best compensation plan.
I want to share a thought with you. Have you heard of Korczak? He is the sculpturist that was
carving the Chief Crazy Horse mountain memorial that is close to Mt. Rushmore. It is a
monumental undertaking. During nearly 36 years he refused to take any salary at Crazy Horse
Memorial, on which he worked until his death October 20, 1982 at age 74. It is bigger than Mt.
Rushmore and is still being worked on after his death many years ago. He made it his life's work
and now it is his children’s. He sent a letter to his children to encourage them to continue his
work after he was gone. The closing statement of his letter to his family reads:
"You will find in the darkest hours a feeling of great strength, of great satisfaction, of great
joy and happiness, in carrying out even the mundane tasks that go towards living for
something far greater than yourselves."
Let me ask you, how many lives are you going to effect this week by sharing Tahitian Noni

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Noni Kiss For Holly Kid

Holly Semanoff is our mentor's (Floyd Holdman's) daughter. She is a successful body builder with her husband- Mike Semanoff in the same profession.

I got the news that she is now a proud mother of a new baby boy- Jake. Congratulations on this September arrival.

Wait a second, Jake has something deep and common with my sweet husband. He shares the same date with my hubby's spiritual birthday, 3rd September! Wow!

I welcome Jake Semanoff with a Noni kiss to our Noni world of excellence.

Mike was recently featured on the front page of Iron Man Magazine with the banner:

Drug-free bodybuilder Mike Semanoff tells how he made incredible muscle gains in record time—his training program and diet included.

Holly Semanoff's Track Achievements:
• The Fitexpo 2005 Fittest Couple: 1st place, Overall Winners
• Northwest Natural Bodybuilding and Figure Championships 2005: 1st place, Overall Winner
• Northwest Natural Bodybuilding and Figure Championships 2005: 2nd place Mixed Pairs
• NGA Natural Mountain States Regional Bodybuilding and Figure Championships: 2nd place
• NGA 7th Annual World Bodybuilding and Figure Championships 2005: 3rd place
• NPC 2005 Spring Classic Championships 2005: 3rd place
• NPC 2005 Utah Gold Cup 2005: 1st Place, Overall Winner

Enter: Noni Shaving Gel & After Shave Tonic!

This is from a press release via Business Wire that we gleaned, for your reading and choosing pleasure, enjoy:

Experience the Ultimate Shave with New Line of Shaving Products from Tahitian Noni International

PROVO, Utah--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 31, 2006--Both men and women continue the search for products that deliver a better shave and help prevent cuts as well as dry, tight skin. Now, Tahitian Noni International introduces the Tahitian Noni(R) Skin Supplement Shaving Gel and Aftershave Tonic with tropical, natural ingredients such as noni, red algae, and grapefruit, to prevent skin discomfort and deliver a close, clean shave for smooth, moisturized skin.

Tahitian Noni(R) Skin Supplement Shaving Gel ($15)

This unique gel lathers into a thick, rich cream for a close, smooth shave while cleansing impurities from skin. Additionally, the combination of TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice and grapefruit extract work together to give skin healthful antioxidants, as well as moisturize, calm and soothe while reducing excess oil in skin.

Key Ingredients:

-- TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice: Contains antioxidants to cleanse the skin of impurities

-- Noni Leaf Extract: Calms and soothes the skin

-- Red Algae Extract: Contains soothing antioxidant and moisturizing properties

-- Grapefruit Extract: Reduces excess oil in skin

Tahitian Noni(R) Skin Supplement Aftershave Tonic ($13)

After shaving, soothe tight and distressed skin with this lightly scented tonic designed to maintain moisture and reduce the effects of skin's natural reaction to the harsh environment. In addition, this tonic cleanses impurities from skin and provides healthful antioxidants while calming skin after shaving.

Key Ingredients

-- TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice: Contains antioxidants to cleanse the skin of impurities

-- Noni Leaf Extract: Calms and soothes the skin

-- Red Algae Extract: Offers nutrients that help protect skin from the harsh elements.

-- Kelp Extract: Helps maintain moisture in the skin

"We are excited to extend our Skin Supplement(TM) line with the new Tahitian Noni(R) Skin Supplement Shaving Gel and Aftershave Tonic," said Ann Billings, director, Personal Care, for Tahitian Noni International. "Men and women can experience the natural benefits of TAHITIAN NONI(R) Juice and red algae as they combine to soothe and moisturize skin while providing healthful antioxidants."

Tahitian Noni brand products are available online at, via catalog, by calling 877-474-6786 (877-4ShopTN), or through a local Tahitian Noni International Product Consultant.

About the Company

Tahitian Noni International is a global, research-driven products company that was the first to introduce the health benefits of the noni plant to the world outside Tahiti Nui. Founded by two food research scientists in 1995, the company is a leader in the discovery, development, manufacturing, and marketing of noni-based products including beverages, beauty and spa products, weight loss management lines, and animal nutrition. Headquartered in Provo, Utah, Tahitian Noni International has manufacturing facilities in the United States, Tahiti, Japan, and China; with sales offices in 35 countries.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Noni Retreat: Kelly's 100,000-Dollar Challenge

Wow, The Tahitian Noni world leadership challenges the world to "show us a better company!". Thanks to Shon for bringing us this news from Hawaii.


Yesterday, at the 2006 Vision Retreat in Hawaii, TNI President Kelly Olsen issued this challenge: “If you can find any other network marketing company that can exceed our 10-year achievements, we’ll pay you $100,000!”

We challenge anyone to find a network marketing company that, within its first 10 years, exceeds the accomplishments of Tahitian Noni International. TNI continues to offer the best opportunity, the best products, and the best lifestyle to its Independent Product Consultants, period. No other company comes close!

Kelly has created a 15-minute DVD to help you introduce your prospects to the $100,000 Challenge. This DVD will be sold in 25-packs for $25 and should be available for purchase late next week. The Challenge video and information can also be found in the Opportunity section of beginning Tuesday, September 19. "

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International


We are so confident in our track record as a company, we’ll pay anyone $100,000 if they can find a network marketing company that, within its first 10 years, exceeds the accomplishments of Tahitian Noni International in these five key areas:

Revenue, Payout & Incentives

Reached cumulative sales milestones faster than any other network marketing company: $500 million, $1 billion, $2 billion, $3.5 billion
Reached cumulative cash payout milestones faster than any other network marketing company: $250 million, $500 million, $1 billion, $1.5 billion
Hosted an historic number of incentive trips, promotions, & extra bonus programs

Corporate Strength

Built, owns, manages, and maintains more dedicated facilities than any other network marketing company
Established more product brand recognition than any other network marketing company in history
Maintains active membership in the Direct Selling Association and serves on the World Federation Direct Selling Association CEO Council


Is responsible for a completely new product category within the health products industry: Healthy Exotic Juices
Saw noni become the first of a new designation called “Power Fruit”
Developed and maintains the only noni harvesting certification system in the world
Sold more bottles of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice than any other company sold any other liquid dietary supplement or exotic super-fruit beverage product

Research & Process

Holds 40 U.S. patents and patents pending, with 66 international patent registrations pending
Controls the harvesting, transporting, processing, and manufacturing process from tree to bottle
Owns and maintains the largest noni-dedicated research facility in the world
Owns and operates the largest noni-dedicated processing facility in the world

Corporate Citizenship

Forged a very unique relationship with the government and people of French Polynesia
Created a new industry that has had sweeping economic benefits for an entire country
Set a new standard for partnerships between business, government, and people
Became the only network marketing company to be officially honored by an entire country and an international organization

Challenge expires December 31, 2006

Ambassadorial Noni: Governor Invades China With Tahitian Noni

Our Tahitian Noni will receive another diplomatic boost next month as Governor Jon Huntsman Jr. of the state of Utah, takes Tahitian Noni, along with his delegation during his planned state-sponsored trade mission to China next month. What an opportunity for busness expansion! as reported by The Salt Lake Tribune. Barely two months ago, it was the President of french Polynesia- Tahiti, Oscar Temaru, who flagged off the diplomatic drive, by presenting Tahitian Noni Juice to the Japanese Prime minister during his state visit to Tokyo.

The Huntsman-led delegation which would include the prime leaders of Tahitian Noni International, would meet with business and government leaders in Beijing and Shanghai, in a drive to extend the Utah's educational, economic development and tourism reach into China during the trip.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Pass Mark For Noni Equine Essentials By Experts

Scientific nod was given to the anti-inflammatory properties of Tahitian Noni Equnine Essential by scientists at the the Universities of Wisconsin School of Veterinary Medicine and that of Nevada.

In a recent publication this month- September, by the renowned "The Horse Magazine", a forum of veterinary medicine, where the 'egg-heads' put heads together at Louisville, Ky. they concured that oral applications of Equine Essentials could act as to protect young foals against bacterial infections.

This is good news that reinforces the practical results enjoyed in the field of practice by IPCs and users of our Equine essentials.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

TNI News: Huge September! Ten New Noni Products and Much More


September is going to be the most action-packed month of 2006—check out all that’s coming your way:

A new campaign begins
The all-new Tahitian Noni® product catalog arrives!
New issue of Tahiti Tradewinds ™, plus the Tahiti Tradewinds™ Special Edition
Success Path™ Vision Retreat in Hawaii
Registration begins for the Las Vegas convention
A new convention promotion will be announced…
And on top of all that, we'll launch TEN new products on September 1:

TAHITIAN NONI® Juice 60 ml (2 oz) bottle
Four new high protein drinks
Four new teas from the Tahitea™ line
Canine Essentials™ Rewards
Every day this week, I’ll send you a new email about each one of these things. We’ll start today with the new High Protein Drinks and Tahitian Noni™ Canine Essentials™ Rewards.

September is going to be huge!!! Get geared up for the biggest momentum of the year!"

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communication
Tahitian Noni International

Four New High Protein Drinks Available Now

Tahitian Noni® High Protein Drinks now come in two new versions that taste so good you won’t believe they’re good for you!

Highly bio-available protein and essential amino acids help you build lean muscle mass, maintain energy levels, and satisfy your appetite. Choose from regular or low carb versions, and enjoy the delicious new flavors—velvety chocolate and enticing vanilla. They also come in new easy-to-close canisters!

Make the move to a healthy lifestyle today! Visit the store section of or call 1-800-445-2969.

Vanilla – Regular and Low Carb
Chocolate – Regular and Low Carb
Retail: $38
CAS: $25
QV/CV: 15

Canine Essentials™ Rewards Available September 1

Wholesome ingredients and a great taste make Canine Essentials™ Rewards the perfect treat for your dog. You’ll love that the fact that your best friend is getting the noni he or she needs, and your dog will love the taste!

Canine Essentials Rewards is perfect for dogs of all ages and sizes, providing them with all the natural benefits of Morinda citrifolia (noni) in a highly palatable canine treat.

Try Canine Essentials Rewards today! Visit the store section of or call 1-800-445-2969 today.
Shon Whitney Update/Hurricane Katrina - September 10, 2004
In Honor of huricane Katrina victims and Tahitian Noni modest intervention Shon brought this piece our way again. Enjoy

"Ia’Orana TNI Leaders,

You’ve all heard about the hurricanes that have hit Florida in the last couple of weeks. They have wreaked havoc on that state, leaving many people homeless and discouraged. But not everyone was left helpless: I received an email from a Florida distributor named Michelle Sanchez, and I wanted to share it with you. She sheds some incredible light on the benefits of owning a Tahitian Noni distributorship in unstable times like this.

These are great thoughts to carry with you into the weekend. Being a distributor of TAHITIAN NONI® Juice is truly a unique and underappreciated opportunity. I hope Michelle’s message will impact you as much as it impacted me. We wish all our distributors in Florida the best as they brace for yet another hurricane. Our thoughts are with you".

Shon Whitney
General Manager, North America

From: Michelle SanchezTo: Shon Whitney Subject: Thoughts of Charley and Tahitian Noni International!Date: Wed, 25 Aug 2004 18:38:29

While I was eating my lunch today, I was quickly scanning the newspaper for business-related items like I always do. I came across an article about those in South Florida who have not only lost everything they own due to hurricane Charley, but they have also lost their only means to earn a living! I usually don't read the articles about the hurricane, because every day our local papers are full of horribly depressing stories of terrible suffering and it affects me too deeply to read them. But this particular article caught my attention for a reason.

The article told of one woman who worked three restaurant jobs just to make ends meet, and how her brand new dream home is destroyed, and so are her places of employment, leaving her homeless and unemployed. When she got to the temporary unemployment office set up to assist the hurricane victims, she found that the only work available was cleanup and construction work, which even if she could do it, would not provide enough income! Another woman was way past retirement age, and had spent her savings on her trailer home, only to have it destroyed with no insurance coverage. Now she has to go back to work! Of course, she can't do heavy physical labor, so there is no work for her! Those who once had lucrative jobs or careers are now desperate for any kind of work, no matter how little the pay or what kind of work it is

The reason I'm sharing this with you is that it made me really think about how fortunate we are to have this business, in both good times and in bad. For example, while I evacuated for the hurricane, my loyal customers around the country continued to place orders and my distributors around the country continued to do business, so my business continued on without me! Thankfully, I have built a business all over the country, so it remains unaffected by localized events. And during all this chaos, my TNI check had been automatically deposited into my account!

When I left, I took my computer and cell phone with me, so even if my area would have been hit head-on as was predicted, I could have continued my business from anywhere, even if I lost everything else I owned. If I owned a traditional business, I would lose it all and have to start my business all over again, which could take months as is the case in South Florida! And I would be one of those standing in line for construction work to labor in the 100 degree heat and 100% humidity for about $5 an hour!

How about you? Would you be standing in line? Or would your Tahitian Noni business sustain you? It is something to seriously think about! I know I have!

Do you realize that even if you were fortunate enough to get a laborer's job for $10 an hour (which is rare - most are minimum wage) and you worked eight hours a day, that would net you about $60 (or less). Do you know how many bottles of TNJ you would have to retail to make that same $60 in a day? You would only have to sell 4 bottles at retail! Would you rather sell 4 bottles of TNJ or work 8 hours in the blazing sun doing heavy labor? Something to think about!

I have always said that some of the greatest blessings of this business go way beyond the money—and this is just one more reason to be grateful for this business and all the benefits it provides us. I hope you look at your business today, and every day, and really see all the blessings and benefits it can provide, and realize how fortunate you are to be part of something that makes a difference in people's lives in every way, every day!

Your Partner in Success,

Michelle Sanchez
September Noni Conference Call: The Secret of Goal-Setting
September 5, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
Goal Setting – What’s the Secret?

What’s the key to success? Goal setting: set reasonable targets,
take small steps, recognize success, and keep it up! Great Lakes
Regional Sales Manager Buck McMurray will present what he knows
about customizing your goals and achieving them! Please invite your
group to join you in listening to this call!

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!
September 12, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
What Can You Say?

How do you know what you should and shouldn’t say about Tahitian
Noni® products, Tahitian Noni International spokespeople, and
Tahitian Noni International in the media? Southwest Regional Sales
Manager Craig Colyar will deliver a perfectly concise guideline on
PR. Don’t miss this call!

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!
September 19, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
Vision Retreat Recap

This year’s Vision Retreat on the island of Hawaii should be the
very best yet! If you can’t be there, we’ll bring all the updates
to you. Southeast Regional Sales Manager Dan Hillstrom will share
all the happenings from this year’s event. Please join us for this

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!
September 26, 2006 7 PM Mountain Time
Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® Holiday Plan

The holiday season can be the most beautiful and festive time of
the year, but it’s not always the best for your waistline! Plan 40
National Sales Manager Laura Kimball , Plan 40 Founder Arlene
Olsen, and Advisory Board member Maria Bailey will be on hand to
help you navigate this upcoming calorie-laden season. This is a
call not to miss!

Tahitian Noni International has a new conference call system! To
listen, dial 1-888-864-5842 or download an audio file of the
conference call from your Noni Office!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Become Plan 40 Certified!
This timely info is from Shon, read and pass on to others:


The next Tahiti Trim(r) Plan 40(r) certification will happen Thursday
Saturday, November 16-18th, have you considered certification as a way
to build your business?
Hundreds of IPCs have certified so far! Here's what some of them had to
say about the certification experience:

"The Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification was a beautiful experience and
more than I expected. For me it was simple and easy to learn. Everything
that was taught was very clear. I have never received this kind of training from any other company. It is wonderful to see how flexible Plan 40 is. I loved
everything!" - Guadalupe, Texas

"Tahiti Trim Plan 40 far exceeded my expectations. Our class lost over
288 pounds in two days while having fun and learning to live a healthier
lifestyle! I will recommend Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification to everyone I
know". - Annie, Georgia

"I have four daughters and a wife and certification taught me more
about women's health than I ever thought possible. This is the best training
experience that I have ever had. Our groups lost 351.2 pounds in two
days it was incredible. I am telling everyone I know that they must attend
Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification. It will definitely help to grow their
business!" - Matt, California

"I would recommend Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification to anyone who
seriously wants to succeed in their TNI business. Tahitian Noni
International is the right company, and TAHITIAN NONI(r) Juice is the
right product, and now we have Plan 40 to reach our goals. Women are waiting
to be introduced to these products! Thank you, TNI, for this great
opportunity." - Karen, Texas

Registration for the November 16 session will end on November 2. Help
yourself be successful by attending the next Plan 40 certification! It
can make a real impact on your Tahitian Noni business."

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International


* When: * November 16-18

* Where: * TNI World Headquarters in Provo, UT

* How: * Fill out a registration form at
under "Plan 40 Certification registration" or
call 1-800-445-2969

* What: * A three-day certification experience that includes expert
training, activities, a personal weight loss jumpstart, recognition,
business building tips and a "Tahitian Beauty Spa Night."

* Who may attend: *

- Current TNI Independent Product Consultants
- CAS (case auto-ship) qualified
- Must have participated in Fast Start prior to registering

* Why should you become certified? *

- Special pricing on the Plan 40 Basics Pack
- Training by a team of experts on the Plan 40 products and program
- Confidence in your role as a Success Group Leader and Plan 40
business builder
- Status as an official Certified Plan 40 Success Group Leader
- Support tools reserved or discounted for Certified Leaders
- Continued training and Advisory Board access only for Certified
- Opportunity to help others achieve success and reach their weight
management and health goals with Plan 40

* How much does it cost? *

The Certification registration fee includes:

- Three days packed with training and instruction
- All training materials
- All meals and snacks
- Cleanse Beverage and Plan 40 Supplements during the three days of
- Official certificate and badge indicating your status as a Plan 40
Certified Success Group Leader
- Official Plan 40 Certified Success Group Leader shirt and pin
- Tahitian Beauty Spa Night of pampering and relaxation
- More ...

* This is a $600 value for only $295! * Remember, you are responsible
your own transportation and lodging. TNI discounts available at
hotels/motels near TNI headquarters.
Tahitian Beauty Promotion To Help You Build Your Business!
The next 2 months from September 1st would be a great opportunity for winning prizes in the New Tepoema promoition. read and digest to take a good shot at this new opportunity:

Do you want to boost your business and increase your income?
Are you ready to take the next step and reach a new goal with your group?
There is no better time for that than now!!!
Tahitian Beauty is starting a promotion in September that will create huge
momentum in your business!!!

Tahitian Beauty Sponsoring Promotion:
Begins: September 1, 2006
Ends: October 31, 2006


* Sponsor new IPCs who purchase either a TePoema® or Moea®
Introductory Pack

* Must be within the promotion dates--September 1st to October 31st

* New IPC must have you as their personal sponsor

Promotion: If at the end of the two months you:

Sponsored 5 new IPCs, you win....

- Paraffin Wax and pedicure kit (valued at $300)

* Sponsored 10 new IPCs, you win...

- Tahitian Beauty Essentials gift basket, including the new TePoema®
product carrying case, TePoema® lab coats, and product display (valued at $500)

* Sponsored 15 new IPCs, you win...

- The Tahitian Beauty Essentials gift basket and two passes to a top,
local day spa for you and your top producing leader (valued at $700)

What can you gain?

As a personal sponsor...

* Establish a system of ordering intro packs at sign up

* Inspire business-building partners to duplicate your business model

* Earn immediate volume on their first order and those whom they
sponsor from now on

* Have fun doing the business, plus a chance to win some fabulous

As a new IPC...

* Start benefiting from personal use of the products right away

* Use the products to host your first TePoemä® home party and
jumpstart your business

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Tahitian Noni Times: latest Edition Out
The on-line journal of the Tahitian Noni International Inc. is out, we serve you the menu from this edition commencing from 14th August, 2006.

‘We entered the market with a product that had never been envisioned before, from a fruit that—although it had a story and legend going back 6,000 years and more — had been kept secret from most of the world. We created a brand new industry: Noni. And we pioneered a brand new product category: Exotic, healthy juice beverages.’

Kelly Olsen – July 2006

TN Times

UK & Ireland Edition – Week Commencing 14th August 2006

Registration for Jade Camp in Croatia Now Open!
20 Reasons to Join TNI
TNI UK Welcomes Floyd Holdman in September
Events Timetable
Conference Calls

Registration for Jade Camp in Croatia Now Open!

Get Ready for our 5th Jade Camp from 20th - 22nd October!!

Autumn Jade Camp 2006
Dubrovnik, Croatia

The Call of the Mediterranean….

Imagine a place where the time is your best friend, where your pace slows you down to motions of a slow dance, where air carries an aroma which touches your senses, takes your breath away and then brings it back impressing a new energy within you. Imagine a place where the passion of the equinox fills the sea cliffs; where Euterpa, the muse, inspires creativity of musicians whose music finds perfect harmony with the sound of waves. More than imagining, you may experience the charms of Raguseum this fall by attending our Jade Camp in Dubrovnik.

REGISTRATION IS NOW OPEN!! Call 0800 0322 665 from the UK and 1800 550 251 from Ireland

The venue will be held in Hotel Croatia, Cavtat, approximately 10 miles away from Dubrovnik old city.
THE CROATIA HOTEL lies in a beautiful position on a peninsula overlooking the Adriatic on one side and the picturesque old City of Cavtat on the other. The world famous medieval walled City of Dubrovnik can be seen from some hotel terraces.

We have reserved three hotels for accommodation for IPCs -- two are located in Dubrovnik, and one in Cavtat:

Hotel Croatia Cavtat ( lies on secluded peninsula overlooking Adriatic sea on one side and romantic old city of Cavtat on the other. Full spa and wellness services offered at this location as well.

- Address: Hotel Croatia Cavtat, 21210 Cavtat

Hotel Grand Villa Argentina ( is located next to the old city and has one of the best views of the city walls. The hotel offers you a variety of relaxing choices as part of their spa and wellness center.

- Address: Grand Villa Argentina, Put F. Supila 14, 20000 Dubrovnik

Hotel Dubrovnik Palace ( is isolated from the urban turbulence, surrounded by sea and pine woods. The experience is enhanced with spa treatments.

- Address: Hotel Dubrovnik Palace, Masarykov put 20, 20000 Dubrovnik

Please note that you may choose the hotel you'd rather stay in, however the choice is "first come, first served'“ so make sure you get registered quick! All hotels are 5* hotels and each one has it benefits.

When: 20th – 22nd October 2006

superb IPC training by top leaders
meals and accommodation for you and your guest for 2 nights

Qualification Period: January – June 2006

Registration Fee: €90

~ CAS qualified
~ Personal paid-as Jade or above for 2 of 6 months Cumulative
~ ASQV4 of 15,000 or more during January to June 2006
~ Need to have completed to Fast Start & Coral Camp

~ CAS qualified
~ Maintain personal paid-as Jade or above status
~ Increase ASQV4 in increments of 5,000 and over previous attendance
~ Qualification within the qualification period

To reserve your space, you must include a €90 non-refundable registration fee per distributorship with your registration form. Registration for this event will open from 1st August.

As previously, we will be holding a Fast Start Camp and Coral Camp (English speaking) at the same location just before Jade Camp. Here are the details:
Fast Start Camp – 19th October in Hotel Croatia Cavtat from 6.00pm to 8.00pm
Coral Camp – 20th October in Hotel Croatia Cavtat from 9.00am to 3.00pm
You can register for these camps online or by calling the toll free number as usual.

You do not want to miss this opportunity, so please send in your registration form (which has been sent to qualifiers in the post ) right away!

Registration for Autumn Jade Camp 2006 is NOW OPEN!!
Call now to register on 0800 0322 665 from the UK and 1800 550 251 from Ireland

20 Reasons to Join TNI

Dear TNI IPCs,

In recent months, TNI has been making some key decisions regarding the current and future operations of the company. Some of these decisions, which have been made carefully and with our IPCs and their businesses at heart, have been perceived as being negative or as being something that means the company is not healthy. These rumours are usually coming from one place — our competition. They continue to rage, to try and come up with anything that will put down the industry leader. Well, let them continue to be frustrated! TNI is strong, stronger than ever and is getting even stronger. Let the reasons below to join TNI fill your quiver with all the arrows you will ever need to shoot back at those who would try and play down the best MLM company ever!

This is the best time ever to be involved in telling people about this business and this company — there is no other company that has done, does and will do more for its independent representatives! There is no other company that has grown faster from its beginning, a company that has invented and had as much success in growing a completely new industry, because it can’t be done. Take this list of 20 advantages of working with TNI and stack them up against any other company. You will see what we mean.

1. A solid compensation plan with Dynamic Compression – every bit of our stated 53% commission gets paid every month. If any other company does this, they copied TNI.

2. Bonus Pools – TNI pays 8% of the monthly commissions based on global CV—unheard of! If any other company does this, they copied TNI.

3. Toll-free customer service for recruiting and product orders, with multiple language support.

4. Tahitian Noni Lifestyle Centres opening all over the world. Each location includes a Tahitian Noni Café™, a Tahitian Noni store, and a TNI training facility. If any other MLM company does this, they copied TNI.

5. Success Path™ – company-funded training, incentive, recognition and rewards programme that guides new IPCs through every step of being successful with TNI.

6. Unique, hard-to-copy, original, industry-leading fruit juice product that gets powerful results. Price any other similar product and try to beat that, especially when you compare their results to those of TAHITIAN NONI ™Juice.

7. Impossible-to-duplicate story (although cheap, obvious knockoffs have tried), rooted in the most exotic corner of the world, Tahiti. Some have come out with similar stories, but they have definitely copied TNI.

8. A company recognised as having created an entire economy in a nation desperately in need of jobs and commerce, thus gaining worldwide recognition at the United Nations. No company will ever be able to copy that!

9. Flagship products positioned in the most powerful, lucrative vertical markets in today’s economy: nutrition, weight management, skin care and beauty and companion animal nutrition.

10. Still one of the fastest growing companies in the network marketing industry and one of the fastest growing of all over the last 20 to 30 years.

11. Thousands of people sent to Tahiti in just 10 years, with hundreds more going every year.

12. Created more millionaires faster than any other company in the history of MLM.

13. After almost 10 years in business, the same five founders united in the same cause, unified in purpose and working together with no conflict or negativity at the top. Still focused on their promise to "cut you in and not cut you out" and making strong, courageous leadership decisions to make that happen.

14. Company continuing to grow more rapidly in its original market than any other country in the world. The U.S. is still growing at a phenomenal rate.

15. Huge public relations and brand building campaigns placing Tahitian Noni™ products squarely, positively in the public eye on T.V., radio, the internet, and print, thus strengthening IPC recruiting and retailing power.

16. A long list of impressive spokespeople for Tahitian Noni products from the sports, nutrition, medical, science and other communities.

17. Powerful new ShopTNI concept, a company-supported programme that positions IPCs to create an exciting home-based retail business and adding a new Rewards member position to the compensation plan. This concept gives IPCs a better shot at being successful among the 87% of people that are MLM-averse. No company has a focused programme that even begins to approach the strength of our plan.

18. A fantastic tool in NONI Office which provides endless possibilities to benefit your business including dozens of reports, audio and video clips showcasing the TNI opportunity and lifestyle, scripts and communication tools to your downline - the list is endless! All this plus your own retail website where your retail customers can place orders with the commissions going directly to you .

19. Programmes and tools designed to grow volume and the Tahitian Noni brand, including major motion pictures about TNI, our IPCs, our products and our story.

20. Lead Share programme that is completely free to IPCs. TNI pours resources into generating leads and then gives them to IPCs for free, including all future volume associated with those leads. Most other companies in the industry charge for leads.

These points are not hype, they are facts. And another fact is — NOW IS MOST DEFINITELY THE BEST TIME TO TELL THIS STORY!

The TNI opportunity is indeed The One Good Thing you can do for your health, for your wealth, for your life and for all those around you. Now let’s go back to work and make all of our wildest dreams come true!!! "If you can't find a reason now to make Tahitian Noni International your company of choice, then you NEVER will.”

TNI UK Welcomes Floyd Holdman in September

September is nearly upon us - time to get back to work with reinvigoured spirit and determination and get going with your TNI business!

Q: And how do you do this?
A: With the help of one of the first TNI IPCs & TNI's first Club Marquesas member - Floyd Holdman!

TNI UK welcomes Floyd Holdman - one of only 3 IPCs personally sponsored by TNI when it began in 1996 - to London for the first week of September!

We are delighted that Floyd is committing so much time to helping TNI UK IPCs - if anyone knows anything about recruiting new people and building their TNI business, it's Floyd!

To give you an idea of Floyd's TNI success....
Floyd Holdman is 1 of only 3 distributors personally sponsored by TNI in 1996. He is 1 of only 8 TNI Presidents Team members in the world and one of the 14 Club Marquises members. Globally, Floyd has a downline of over 150,000 distributors in 78 countries. He made Black Pearl in only 7 months which has only ever been equalled by one other distributor in the world.
He is also the first distributor in the world to qualify for the following titles (in these timescales)

1st Jade – July 1996 (in 2 weeks)
1st Pearl – Aug. 1996 (in 1 month)
1st Diamond Pearl – Sept. 1996 (in 2 months)
1st Double Diamond Pearl – Oct. 1996 (in 3 months)
1st Triple Diamond Pearl – Dec. 1996 (in 5 months)
1st Black Pearl – Jan. 1997 (in 7 months)
1st Club Marquises – Jan 2001 (This is when the position was created. Floyd met the qualification of 7 personally sponsored Diamond Pearls in December 1999-just 41 months).

Floyd will be hosting the following meetings in the first week in September:

Saturday 2nd September: Super Saturday
10.00am - 2.00pm Product and Business Training with Floyd Holdman
3.00 - 5.00pm Fast Start Camp with Floyd Holdman

Monday 4th September: ‘Seize the Opportunity’ Meeting with Floyd Holdman
6.45 – 7.00pm TAHITIAN NONI™Juice Presentation
7.15 – 8.00pm "Seize the Opportunity" Meeting with Floyd Holdman

Wednesday 6th September: "Seize the Opportunity" Conference Call with Floyd Holdman
7.30pm – 8.00pm TAHITIAN NONI™Juice Webconference
9.00pm : Usual conference call; Dial (0044) 0870 267 4000, then on prompting press 813745.

Saturday 9th September, 10am - 4pm: Coral Camp with Arram Kong and Floyd Holdman

This Coral Camp is open to everyone! You can register by calling 0207 257 2142
5.00 – 6.30pm Leaders meeting with Floyd Holdman: Jades and above only.

This is your opportunity to learn from the best! Do not pass it up!

To register for any of the meetings above, please e-mail Ros Collins at or call 0207 257 2142

Events Timetable

We have many exciting events lined up for you in the coming months! Here is a preview of what to expect so make sure you clear these dates in your diary and call us to register on 0800 0322 655 from the UK or 1800 413 050 from Ireland. All events are at our London office on the 24th floor of Centre Point Tower in central London. (Closest tube is Tottenham Court Road).

Next Saturday - and indeed the first Saturday of EVERY month - we have Super Saturday: product training and Fast Start Camp


EVERY MONDAY - "Seize the Opportunity" Meeting, 7 - 8pm - all welcome! Gather your prospects to introduce them to TAHITIAN NONI™ Juice, TAHITIAN NONI INTERNATION and the Business Opportunity.

Please make sure to let us know you’re coming by e-mailing Ros Collins at

August 14th
"Seize The Opportunity" Meeting, 7 - 8pm

August 15th
Placement/Sponsor changes must be received

August 16th
Product Training: New Te Poema and Moea products, 7 – 7.40pm
Opportunity Conference Call, 9pm - Dial 0870 267 4000, then 813745

August 18th
Fast Start calculated for the previous week

August 21st
"Seize The Opportunity" Meeting, 7 - 8pm
Unilevel for May calculated

August 23rd
Opportunity Conference Call, 9pm - Dial 0870 267 4000, then 813745

August 25th
Fast Start calculated for the previous week

August 28th
BANK HOLIDAY - UK Office Closed

August 30th
Opportunity Conference Call, 9pm - Dial 0870 267 4000, then 813745

September 1st
UK Office Closed for Staff Training & Team Building

September 9th

CALL 0207 257 2142 TO REGISTER

Clear these dates in your diary! All events are at our London office on the 24th floor of Centre Point Tower in central London, unless otherwise stated. (Closest tube is Tottenham Court Road).

To register for any product trainings, please e-mail Ros Collins at if you wish to attend

TO REGISTER FOR ANY FAST START MEETINGS, PLEASE CALL THE TOLL FREE NUMBER - 0800 032 2665 from the UK or 1800 413 050 from Ireland.

Distributor Opportunity & Training Meetings
To have your Distributor meetings announced in TNI’s communications, please send the details Ros Collins at ; or by fax on 02072 572101. Please ensure that you include city, date, time, location, address, contact name, phone number and cost.
The meetings listed here are conducted by Tahitian Noni Independent Distributors and are open to all who would like to learn more about TAHITIAN NONI™ Juice and becoming Independent Distributors.


Every Sunday from 27th November 11am – Noon
Venue: D Hotel, Drogheda town centre
Contact: Frank Sheridan on 087 9597754

Every Monday, 8-9pm,
Venue: House Hotel, Curragh Racecourse,
Contact : Frank Sheridan on (00353) 087 959 7754

Monday evenings, 7 – 8 pm
Armagh City Hotel, Priory Road, Armagh, N. Ireland
Contact: Mildred McMann; tel: 0798 072 5834

United Kingdom

Every Monday, 7 – 8pm
Venue: Lifestyle Plus, Unit 10, 69 Bothwell Rd,
Bothwell Rd Ind. Est., Hamilton ML3 0DW,
Contact: Jim McKitting on 07970 538388

When: Every Tuesday by appointment only
Time: 7.30
Contact: David Simpson (Pearl) ph: 0800 083 0842; mobile 07967753870

OXFORDSHIRE - Chipping Norton
Please call Andy to express interest in attending an Opportunity / Product Awareness meeting in this area.
Contact: Andy Blackwood: 01608 644581 or Mobile: 07903 433879
Open Opportunity / Noni Awareness Meeting

Darlington- Co.Durham
Every Thursday Night., by appointment
Time 18-00 Hrs to 20-00 hrs
Location: The Park Wood Hotel, Hartburn, Stockton-on-Tees
Fee: Free
Opportunity Meeting for New distributors
Contact Nick Bassington ph (07714) 092 118.
By Appointment Only.

Top Gun Training
Every Tuesday, 7.30 – 9.15pm
Contact Tamsin Elliott on 07949 003312

How to Be Successful using the Renowned Top Gun System
Every Wednesday, 8 – 9pm
Contact Tamsin Elliott on 07949 003312

Conference Calls

Listen again to past conference calls!

We hope you are taking advantage of the listen again feature for the TNI's weekly conference calls! This is an excellent way for you to receive training and stay up-to-date with what's going on at TNI! These calls are also perfect for introducing prospects and new distributors to the products, systems, and culture of Tahitian Noni International. And best of all, they're free! What better way to keep your business lively and dynamic?

It's easy to take advantage of the listen again feature; -

1. Log onto your dashboard
2. At the top of the first page there is a link for Select Country - click on this
3. You need to select the United States (you will need to change this back to the United
Kingdom before you log out)
4. You then select the Business Building link and then the link for the Multimedia Centre. You will then be able to listen to all past conference calls - it really is that easy!

Here are details of upcoming calls:

August 8th (7.00pm Mountain Time) - Lifestyle Center Update

Tahitian Noni International is making exciting strides with Lifestyle Centers all over the world. Desert South Regional Sales Manager Jonathan Hallstrom will give us the latest for North America!

August 15th (7.00pm Mountain Time) - The Power in Power Products

You’ve heard the buzz about it, but what does the concept of Power Products mean to you? How can you use this innovative and exciting new concept to put some power in your earning potential? Join Pacific Regional Manager Violeta Ramirez to learn all you need to know about Power Products!

August 22nd (7.00pm Mountain Time) - Tapping into Product Campaigns

Tahitian Noni International has created a remarkable system of programs to help you build in a fantastic way. Learn all about TNI campaigns from Senior Manager Product Sales Mario Brown. You won’t want to miss this!

August 29th (7.00pm Mountain Time) - Tahitian Noni International Certification Program

Tahitian Noni International has certified thousands of IPCs worldwide to properly represent and sell products from the Companion Animal and Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® lines. Those who have attended are energized and ready to see an incredible change in their business. Find out what it’s all about. Animal Essential™ National Sales Manager Shana Harris and IPC Kurt Crawford will be our training team this week to tell us why the TNI Certification program is an important investment in your future.

Please be aware that US press releases and related information may not be compliant with EU and other national law. To ensure compliance with your national laws please submit any information you wish to use or reproduce to your local Tahitian Noni Compliance Department. Tahitian Noni International will not be held accountable for any material that has not been approved by the local Compliance Department.
Achieving The set Goal of Success in the latter Third of 2006

“To believe in yourself and to follow your dreams, to have goals in life and a drive to succeed, and to surround yourself with the things and the people that make you happy - this is success!”

-Sasha Azevedo

"Dear consultants,

If you look at this statement carefully you can pick out some pretty powerful words, and you will also notice that there is an order in which these words are placed throughout the statement.

Belief – Do you believe in yourself? Do you believe that you have the potential within yourself to accomplish those things that you want most? I hope that you do, because every single one of us has tremendous potential within ourselves.

Dreams – I LOVE THIS ONE!!! I dream every day, I dream in the morning, in the afternoon, at night. For me dreaming is like food for my well being. It gives me a sense of hope. My dad always told me “Dreaming is free” so I encourage you to dream, and dream BIG.

Goals – This is what takes your dreams from the “daydream” category and makes your dreams real. Having detailed and measurable goals will show you if you are on the right path to achieving your dreams.

Drive – This is a tricky one because it is not easy to obtain. Some people are born with it and others obtain it through financial problems or humiliating setbacks. I do believe though, that if you can implement the first three items in this list in your life (Belief, Dreams and Goals) you will establish the foundation for drive to develop. And as your dreams become more real your drive will increase.

Happiness – Something that is very important to understand is that if you are not happy right now, chances are that you will not be happy even if you reach your dreams. Happiness is not a destination but an everyday feeling that starts by identifying the many blessings that we have and being thankful for them. I have told many consultants in the past that if you are not happy doing this business, you are defeating the purpose of TNI and the industry.

Let's take sometime to reflect on these ideas and prepare ourselves for a very successful last 5 months of 2006.

Ander Barillas
Assistant Sales Manager – Business Development
Tahitian Noni International
Ander Barillas On Leadership Traits (Part Two- concluding)

"Ia’Orana consultants,

Last week I sent out an e-mail listing four of the seven Leadership Traits in MLM. This week I am sending you the remaining three.

Positive thinking is the quality of being happy in your work.
It comes from being deeply absorbed in what you are doing that you literally do not have time to think discouraging thoughts.

Compassion is not an emotion or a state of mind, it is an action.
A leader wins the loyalty of his/her group by demonstrating, through actions, that he/she is looking out for their interests.
He/she does this by providing their group with the tools they need to succeed; by praising people for their successes; and by pushing people only as hard as they are willing to push themselves.
In return for these considerations, people will give you loyalty.
They will work harder for a benevolent leader than they ever would for a despot.


Vision is the ability to imagine a better future.
It means setting goals and working steadily to achieve them.
A leader never forgets his goals. He reminds himself of those goals everyday.
At the same time, he also keeps a careful eye on reality. An effective leader always knows exactly how wide the gap is between his vision and his present reality.
Ordinary people get discouraged when they contemplate the gap, but a leader is energized by it."

This information and that from last week were taken from the book “The Wave 4 Way to building your downline” by Richard Poe.

Ander Barillas
Assistant Sales Manager – Business Development
Tahitian Noni International
Ander Barillas On Leadership Traits (Part One)
The secrets of men are in their stories. So are the secrets of leadsership. If you desire to grow your Tahitian Noni Business, Ander has volunteered to take us through those secrets in two parts, let's goooo...

"Ia’Orana consultants,

Last year I was invited to an event where I was asked by one of our leaders to give a presentation on the topic of Leadership. Now, I do not consider myself an expert in this subject, but I did however learn some new things. In the following weeks I will be sharing with you some of these things which I learned from a book I was reading.

This week I will like to talk to you about 4 of the 7 Leadership Traits in MLM

· Drive is another word for ambition, a hunger for success.
· It is hard to obtain it. Some people obtain it through financial hardship or humiliating setbacks. Others are born with it.
· Drive gives you the power to overcome obstacles, slough off rejection, and endure disappointment.

Persistence is the habit of staying on course, despite hardships.
You achieve it by breaking down your task in small parts, so that you don’t get overwhelmed.

Teachability is the habit of being humble.
Only when you have mastered the art of following will you be worthy to lead.

Thick skin is the quality of being impervious to criticism. Every leader will be criticized. Since we are human, criticism hurts.
A successful leader never changes his actions to please his critics."

Ander Barillas
Assistant Sales Manager – Business Development
Tahitian Noni International
Noni Chile: VIVA LA MAÑANA, 0.5 Million Noni Viewers

TV Channel 13, Catholic University – Chile
August 4, 2006 Chile’s top TV channel, Catholic University dedicated more than 16 minutes to featuring TNI’s products on its morning program, VIVA LA MAÑANA. Polynesian dancers, TNI’s country manager and a local distributor were all featured on the program.

"...On Friday, August 4, Chile’s most-watched television channel broadcast an incredible 15-minute segment on Tahitian Noni® products, giving particular attention to the benefits TAHITIAN NONI® Juice. More than half a million people tuned in, and the day the show aired, TNI’s Chile office handled ten times the number of phone calls they normally receive. Phones were ringing off the hook all day long!

The segment featured TNI country manager Mauricio Patrocinio, spokesperson Eli de Caso (a famous T.V. personality in Chile), and IPC Carola Lobos talking about the benefits of the noni fruit, leaves, and seeds, and how each is incorporated into Tahitian Noni products. The three joined the show’s host in a TAHITIAN NONI Juice toast, and each shared their own story of how Tahitian Noni products have impacted their lives. Click here to see the entire clip in the Press Room at

This is another piece of major media attention in an important TNI market. Day by day, the Tahitian Noni brand is becoming a fixture in households worldwide. Make sure you are using all this coverage to show your customers how Tahitian Noni products are gaining attention and benefiting people around the globe!"

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Only a Few Spaces Left - MLMU TNI Training Call Tomorrow
On Wednesday, August 23rd at 9:30pm ET (New York time),
Carl Wilson, one of the Master Coaches at MLMU, is scheduled
to conduct a live coaching call exclusively for Tahitian Noni
Distributors, and there are still a few spaces left.

If you and your team members are ready to being selling
more product and enrolling more serious business partners
than ever before, you won't want to miss this powerful call!

The class is entitled:

"How to Attract Prospects Out of Thin Air"

and is probably like none you've ever heard before.

MLM Teleclass Link

There are millions of individuals who'd be interested
in earning money from home if they found a legitimate
business, and many are searching for a way to do
just that.

But when you come across new people on a daily
basis, do you know what to say?

Do you know how to cause people you've just
met to ask you about your Tahitian Noni business?

Do you know how to introduce the Tahitian Noni products
and business opportunity to people in elevators, shopping
malls, churches and other public places ...without resistance?

If not, you won't want to miss this special live
teleconference we have scheduled for Wednesday,
August 23rd at 9:30pm ET.

MLM Teleclass Link

Here's what others are saying:
"Thank you for the conference call yesterday. This was the most
advanced and helpful information I've ever received in Network

I applied it immediately today and so far I've qualified four
customers and one broker. The four customers are turning in
their applications by Thursday. The one broker is meeting
with me tonight. This means that so far today, 100% of the
people who were qualified are moving forward."
-Bruce P.
"Carl, the emails keep coming and my team loved the information
you had to share. They're 'pumped and ready'! You're going
to hear a lot from our team ..."
-Sherry F.
"I''ve always wondered how I would ever learn to 'talk' to people.
What you've provided for me is a very valuable method of how
to go about a conversation in a relaxed manner. Many thanks again."
Lilly F.
On this call, Carl Wilson, one of MLMU's Master Coaches,
will actually select a volunteer from the audience and
coach that person on special language techniques
that can be used to dramatically improve their level
of success.

As he works with his volunteer, Carl will also prove,
beyond a shadow of a doubt, that YOU already
have a goldmine of resources in your head, in
your address book, and in your past experiences.

He'll show you (and all listeners) how you could
have already made a fortune with Tahitian Noni
had you only been coached on how to tap into your
natural gifts, talents, and resources that have been
there all along.

You'll also hear Carl demonstrate simple language
formulas that will cause people to instantly be
attracted to you, your products, and your Tahitian Noni

The best part is that when you use these formulas,
people won't even know they're being prospected!

For more information, and to register for the class,
use this link:

MLM Teleclass Link

(Teleconference bridge line information will be sent
to you immediately via email upon registration.)

Please don't miss this unique opportunity to hear
"real time" coaching ...and see just how simple
success in Tahitian Noni can be.

Wishing you ALL the best!

The Staff at MLMU

PS: This training is scheduled at the request of Independent
Tahitian Noni Distributors and is not a Tahitian Noni Corporate
approved training event.
See ya at the Beaches of Tahiti...Are You Ready?

Personification of Awakened Noni Beauty and Brain: Dr. Kenna Stephenson
New Advisory Board Member of the Tahitian Noni International Inc. Dr. Kenna Stephenson, is a gem and treasure by any standard. Erudiction and prodigious scholarship, combined with "Trim" beauty, Wow! Aren't we blessed? I feel exceedingly proud, first as a woman and also as a Tahitian Noni lifestyle and Independent Product Consultant to have you come on board. I blew you a kiss of friendship and honor, welcome sister! I congratulate leadership for this virtuous and rejuvenating addition!


Please welcome another world-class expert to our Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® advisory board! Dr. Kenna Stephenson, MD, FAAFP, is a renowned women’s health physician, research scientist, and the author of the acclaimed Awakening Athena: Restoration, Resilience, and Rejuvenation for Women.

Dr. Stephenson’s insights into the effectiveness of Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® are powerful in helping women choose a health program that is right for them. “I have personally found that the Tahiti Trim Plan 40 products help me,” she says. “Through the natural source of the noni plant, they help me achieve the energy and vitality I need to better care for my family and patients. They provide the body with many of the nutrients needed to help address health concerns faced by women over 40. Plan 40 is an incredibly effective combination of lifestyle factors, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and herbs including the noni plant.”

Please read more about Dr. Stephenson’s credentials and experience in the Advisory Board section of the Press Room at, and share her expertise with others!"

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

Monday, August 21, 2006

Countdown To Costa Mesa Noni Weight Management Tranning
Five weeks ago we informed you of a free weight management redezvous with Laura Kimball, now in less than 24 hours the D-day would arrive. here we come, Costa Mesa in California.

Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® Program Training in Costa Mesa

Date: Tuesday, August 22, 2006
Time: 7 PM - 9 PM Pacific Time

Join Laura Kimball this Tuesday, August 22nd at 7:00pm
at the Pacific Region Sales office for a Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® program

Take advantage of this great business building opportunity!

Invite your contacts to learn about hormone imbalance and weight
management through a healthy lifestyle!

Laura will share her knowledge and the amazing success that she has had
with Plan 40.

Costa Mesa TNI Office Info:
535 Anton Blvd, Suite 110
Costa Mesa, CA 92626

Bristol exit off the 405 freeway,
right on Anton,
before Starbucks, turn right through gate to park

Sunday, August 20, 2006

Loving Noni
A picture, they say, is worth more than one thousand words! If words are vehicles for conveyance of love, much more would pictures (motion pictures) do. So, if my words are few here, it is because I am satiated with what I have seen from this video of the TNI in Print. My good friend from Canada, Amira Havas, said of the video after watching, just as you are about to do. "...the coolest video I have seen in a long time" Watch and enjoy to your health and wealth.
What is Noni?
Information is the mother of transformation. Without it, am afraid, we may not escape deformity. Therefore, I bring you wothwhile info on Nono from Noni Health Info treasure where you can get introductory information on Tahitian Noni.
Media Attention For Noni In Five Continents!
This summer have been a publicity blitz for Tahitian Noni in virtually all the continents. Noni has indeed gone continental. Share a clip of the Noni wildfire as it spreads accross the globe from this account by Shon Witney:

"I told you that Tahitian Noni® products have been featured in the media on four continents in the last week, but I was wrong—say hello to continent number FIVE!

I just received this magazine article from TNI’s Australia office. The article is from the most recent issue of Options magazine, which can be found in health stores across the country. With a circulation of 200,000, this magazine has major reach with our most receptive audience!

The article features the TePoemä® product line, and talks in detail about the Restorative Eye Essence. In addition, when people subscribe to Options over the web, they’re entered into a drawing to win a TePoemä® Daily Regimen Pack. What fantastic exposure and product promotion!

Media attention on five continents in a matter of days—show me another network marketing company that commands that much attention, or that has established such an incredible brand in such a short time. Without a doubt, TNI continues to offer the best opportunity out there."

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Spread The Word- Noni UK Office Closed For Bank Holiday
On Monday 28th AUGUST, & Friday 1st SEPTEMBER, The Tahitian Noni will close shop in U.K. according to this Press Release. read and take note.

"Ia'Orana Partners,

We would like to advise you that the UK office will be closed on Monday 28th August for the August Bank Holiday and also on Friday 1st September for staff training and team building.

The tollfree numbers will be operating as usual. Please call 0800 0322 665 from the UK and 1800 413 050 from the Republic of Ireland."

Get Ready Noni: Oustsanding Billions Salute Skin-Care Industry
The body and facial-care industry spinned off so much billions last year, 2005, that I began to wonder at our 'blindness' at what abound for we ladies in the beauty-care industry. If we can wake up to the realities, we can begin to be partakers of our traditional industry with joy and fulfilment. My dear Canadian-Israeli friend- Amira Havas, sent me this little research for our eyes to pop open, that we may look inward, to cultivate the riches that our Tahitian Noni can tap into... So, I say Get Ready...

"Here is the best breakdown for U.S. Sales in the skin care industry that I could find on the internet by Kline & Company

$13.6 billion in U.S. sales of skin-care products in 2005, according to Kline & Company, a New Jersey-based market research firm. In all, the cosmetics and toiletries industry had retail sales of $48.7 billion last year.

$13.6 Billion Skin Care

$7 Billion Facial Care

Cosmetics and Toiletries $48.7 billion

Mintel International’s US Functional Beverage Report estimates functional and fortified beverage sales at $10 billion and projects they will grow to $12.8 billion by 2009.