Thursday, September 21, 2006

Celebrating Virtue and Boundless Noni Energy: Amira Havas

Today is My friend and mentor's brithday. Amira Havas is one woman who has poured her whole life into helping people all over the world to find health and wealth in the virtue carried by the Tahitian Noni Juice.

A Noni Jewess without a guile. My family has been a great benefactor of this Jewish Amazon in an unimaginable way, particularly in our Tahitian Noni business here in Nigeria.

Full of compassion and action, she is a positively restless being that makes the internet practically a sociable and enjoyable home. My husband used to say that there are two categories of people on the net. The first, are people who live by the web, while the second category, are the ones who live on the web. Amira lives practically on the web, impacting the world for Noni. If you miss her online, it is because, she has gone to sleep or gone to pick her sons from school.

I am deeply proud to be associated with you. Thank you for being a multiplied addition to my family and business life on the net. I love you with pride. On behalf of my husband and family, I congratulate you on this another successful cycle of life you just completed. Many happy returns of the day.

la'Orana Amira Havas!