Friday, July 07, 2006

Our Health: A bundle of Wealth
How often we forget that there is no true wealth outside of a good health. Many relish in the fact of investing in stocks and other financial market instuments, to the neglect of one of the greatest investment in life, after our soul: OUR HEATH!

Take time out today to meditate on this truth. How much investment have you, since this year began invested in your health? Why not give Tahitian Noni Juice a chance to build your immunity against all manner of infirmities plaguing our world today?

Take a shopping tour of our products Tahitian Noni Miracle that can turn-around your health for the best this year.
Happy Anniversary, The U.S.A and T.N.I
Our darling N0.1 health beverage company, the Tahitian Noni International Inc. (T.N.I) share a common birth-month (JILY), with the N0.1 nation on the planet earth; the United States of America (U.S.A).

My daughter Gratitude, celebrates this anniversary much more this month as she absolutely drops her her recommended eye glases. After being on Tahitian Noni Juice for 5 months now, she finally can see the writings on her class-room board legibly and clearly without the aid of her glasses.

What a way to celebrate the 10th anniversary of TNI and the 230th anniversary of the USA. The two share many things in common, POWER, POTENCY, EXCELLENCE, and IMMENSE!

Congratulations Gratitude! Congratulations TNI!! Congratulations USA!!!