Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Making of Noni Juice

Noni, Noni, Noni, ... the Noni wave is bringing many people to health and wealth in America and even the world. Many out there would like to know how to prepare this 'miracle' juice, even if they do not ave access to the Noni tree or fruit.

This Polynesian tree is found mostly in the Pacific and coastal forest of tropical countries in the world, with the notable abundance in Tahitian Islands, Latin America, Hawaii, India, Malaysia, China, Fiji and Nigeria.

The most popular method of preparing noni juice is the traditional method because it is easier and massively adopted by peasants and villagers in Noni regions.

Ripe Noni fruits naturally secrets juice. All you have to do is to wash the ripe fruits and store them in a vats to ferment. The weight of the fruits acts as a crushing press on one another to squeeze the liquid juice out of the fruit. This is called the traditional "Dripping" method. This process takes like 60 days, on the average, to complete.

You will naturally sieve the chaff away from the liquid juice which is dark colored or reddish or sometimes amber, depending on the fruit-type. After the filtration, the juice is pasteurized to preserve the nutrients and natural vitamins of the fruit.

the natural juice last for six months or more if refrigerated afterwards. The commercial bottled juice has an average shelf life of about 24 months.

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