Saturday, November 12, 2005

From Torture To Nurture!
The piece below is my latest testi"noni" of my daughter. I am sharing it with you to appreciate the things with us that we have not or never fully utilsed to our benefit. For example your talents...

Glory is my last daughter, she is just 18 months old. For 3 weeks now, we have had to battle and wage war against her deteriorating health. What have'nt we employed to stop her stooling?? mention the drug...and we would smilingly thank you for your concern and show you the carcase of the bottle or sachet of that drug.

By noon yesterday she was so dehydrated and shrunken to an alarming degree...At a point and at the peak of this strange affliction our family doctor was confounded as to what else to recommend, having exhausted his arsenal of medication. he finally got over his perplexity and recommended that we go for a stool test. As my wife stood up to go... the man asked her how her noni business was fairing (my wife had canvassed him within the last 3 weeks of our daughter's affliction)...That was IT!!! He jumped up and seem to be saying "physician heal thyself"...loudly saying: "Dont go for a stool test anymore give her a shot of noni thrice daily and report back her improvement to me". so we broke the seal of a TNJ bottle and applied the wisdom in a bottle to her.

From 1.00p.m when she took the shot she went into a deep slumber and woke up 5 hours later to eat play a little and went to sleep again ...she woke up three times in the night... this time and for the 1st time in 3 weeks: not to stool but to eat heavily with a voracious appetite.

Its almost 36 hours now since she took the 1st of five dosages (so far), of Tahitian Noni Juice, Glory is gloriously back on her feet playing and and looking nurtured and nourished Again. Noni Verdict: Stooling stopped completely.

Ahh...see the reason for our product fanaticism??

la'Orana Glory Ojikutu

Welcome To True Riches


Welcome to th "Palace of True Riches", This blog is going to be managed by my husband and I. We hope to share with you the things which made the inestimable riches of God that is so scarce today to the majority of people.

We will regularly lead you gently to the secrets that makes for true riches in life. We may put the jigger into your hands in the course of interaction with us on this blog to dig up your buried talents to which your treasures in life are definitely attached.

Being covenant children of God, we would regularly lead you to His Feet, to learn the secrets of excellence and exploits in life ...

Join us in this destiny adventures, and you will thank God for the day you meet this covenant couple.

Stay blessed

Philomena Ojikutu