Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Noni Moms Move with Tahitian Noni Products
I bring you glowing testimonies of women as we took the summer by storm. Many thanks to Shon Withney who captured this story for us.
"la'Orana Partners,

Skin Supplement™ Seaweed Soap and Moéa® Smooth & Hydrate shampoo and conditioner made the “Get Summer Beautiful” list at!

The article places these Tahitian Noni® products alongside several other high-end beauty items, and includes a fantastic testimonial from a mother of two:

“The Skin Supplement Seaweed Soap is a huge hunk of a bar of soap and a pretty color that reminds me of the sea. The scent is not too perfumed or heavy (which is great for my husband), it lathers up well, rinses easily and makes my bathroom smell great after every shower. I almost put the second bar in the guest bath but liked it so much I decided to keep it for myself!"

Moms on the Move is a website that caters to mothers and offers stories and advice that relate to family life. This is the perfect demographic and shows again that Tahitian Noni® products really are The One Good Thing™ you can do for yourself and your family."

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International