Thursday, August 24, 2006

Become Plan 40 Certified!
This timely info is from Shon, read and pass on to others:


The next Tahiti Trim(r) Plan 40(r) certification will happen Thursday
Saturday, November 16-18th, have you considered certification as a way
to build your business?
Hundreds of IPCs have certified so far! Here's what some of them had to
say about the certification experience:

"The Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification was a beautiful experience and
more than I expected. For me it was simple and easy to learn. Everything
that was taught was very clear. I have never received this kind of training from any other company. It is wonderful to see how flexible Plan 40 is. I loved
everything!" - Guadalupe, Texas

"Tahiti Trim Plan 40 far exceeded my expectations. Our class lost over
288 pounds in two days while having fun and learning to live a healthier
lifestyle! I will recommend Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification to everyone I
know". - Annie, Georgia

"I have four daughters and a wife and certification taught me more
about women's health than I ever thought possible. This is the best training
experience that I have ever had. Our groups lost 351.2 pounds in two
days it was incredible. I am telling everyone I know that they must attend
Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification. It will definitely help to grow their
business!" - Matt, California

"I would recommend Tahiti Trim Plan 40 certification to anyone who
seriously wants to succeed in their TNI business. Tahitian Noni
International is the right company, and TAHITIAN NONI(r) Juice is the
right product, and now we have Plan 40 to reach our goals. Women are waiting
to be introduced to these products! Thank you, TNI, for this great
opportunity." - Karen, Texas

Registration for the November 16 session will end on November 2. Help
yourself be successful by attending the next Plan 40 certification! It
can make a real impact on your Tahitian Noni business."

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International


* When: * November 16-18

* Where: * TNI World Headquarters in Provo, UT

* How: * Fill out a registration form at
under "Plan 40 Certification registration" or
call 1-800-445-2969

* What: * A three-day certification experience that includes expert
training, activities, a personal weight loss jumpstart, recognition,
business building tips and a "Tahitian Beauty Spa Night."

* Who may attend: *

- Current TNI Independent Product Consultants
- CAS (case auto-ship) qualified
- Must have participated in Fast Start prior to registering

* Why should you become certified? *

- Special pricing on the Plan 40 Basics Pack
- Training by a team of experts on the Plan 40 products and program
- Confidence in your role as a Success Group Leader and Plan 40
business builder
- Status as an official Certified Plan 40 Success Group Leader
- Support tools reserved or discounted for Certified Leaders
- Continued training and Advisory Board access only for Certified
- Opportunity to help others achieve success and reach their weight
management and health goals with Plan 40

* How much does it cost? *

The Certification registration fee includes:

- Three days packed with training and instruction
- All training materials
- All meals and snacks
- Cleanse Beverage and Plan 40 Supplements during the three days of
- Official certificate and badge indicating your status as a Plan 40
Certified Success Group Leader
- Official Plan 40 Certified Success Group Leader shirt and pin
- Tahitian Beauty Spa Night of pampering and relaxation
- More ...

* This is a $600 value for only $295! * Remember, you are responsible
your own transportation and lodging. TNI discounts available at
hotels/motels near TNI headquarters.
Tahitian Beauty Promotion To Help You Build Your Business!
The next 2 months from September 1st would be a great opportunity for winning prizes in the New Tepoema promoition. read and digest to take a good shot at this new opportunity:

Do you want to boost your business and increase your income?
Are you ready to take the next step and reach a new goal with your group?
There is no better time for that than now!!!
Tahitian Beauty is starting a promotion in September that will create huge
momentum in your business!!!

Tahitian Beauty Sponsoring Promotion:
Begins: September 1, 2006
Ends: October 31, 2006


* Sponsor new IPCs who purchase either a TePoema® or Moea®
Introductory Pack

* Must be within the promotion dates--September 1st to October 31st

* New IPC must have you as their personal sponsor

Promotion: If at the end of the two months you:

Sponsored 5 new IPCs, you win....

- Paraffin Wax and pedicure kit (valued at $300)

* Sponsored 10 new IPCs, you win...

- Tahitian Beauty Essentials gift basket, including the new TePoema®
product carrying case, TePoema® lab coats, and product display (valued at $500)

* Sponsored 15 new IPCs, you win...

- The Tahitian Beauty Essentials gift basket and two passes to a top,
local day spa for you and your top producing leader (valued at $700)

What can you gain?

As a personal sponsor...

* Establish a system of ordering intro packs at sign up

* Inspire business-building partners to duplicate your business model

* Earn immediate volume on their first order and those whom they
sponsor from now on

* Have fun doing the business, plus a chance to win some fabulous

As a new IPC...

* Start benefiting from personal use of the products right away

* Use the products to host your first TePoemä® home party and
jumpstart your business