Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Only a Few Spaces Left - MLMU TNI Training Call Tomorrow
On Wednesday, August 23rd at 9:30pm ET (New York time),
Carl Wilson, one of the Master Coaches at MLMU, is scheduled
to conduct a live coaching call exclusively for Tahitian Noni
Distributors, and there are still a few spaces left.

If you and your team members are ready to being selling
more product and enrolling more serious business partners
than ever before, you won't want to miss this powerful call!

The class is entitled:

"How to Attract Prospects Out of Thin Air"

and is probably like none you've ever heard before.

MLM Teleclass Link

There are millions of individuals who'd be interested
in earning money from home if they found a legitimate
business, and many are searching for a way to do
just that.

But when you come across new people on a daily
basis, do you know what to say?

Do you know how to cause people you've just
met to ask you about your Tahitian Noni business?

Do you know how to introduce the Tahitian Noni products
and business opportunity to people in elevators, shopping
malls, churches and other public places ...without resistance?

If not, you won't want to miss this special live
teleconference we have scheduled for Wednesday,
August 23rd at 9:30pm ET.

MLM Teleclass Link

Here's what others are saying:
"Thank you for the conference call yesterday. This was the most
advanced and helpful information I've ever received in Network

I applied it immediately today and so far I've qualified four
customers and one broker. The four customers are turning in
their applications by Thursday. The one broker is meeting
with me tonight. This means that so far today, 100% of the
people who were qualified are moving forward."
-Bruce P.
"Carl, the emails keep coming and my team loved the information
you had to share. They're 'pumped and ready'! You're going
to hear a lot from our team ..."
-Sherry F.
"I''ve always wondered how I would ever learn to 'talk' to people.
What you've provided for me is a very valuable method of how
to go about a conversation in a relaxed manner. Many thanks again."
Lilly F.
On this call, Carl Wilson, one of MLMU's Master Coaches,
will actually select a volunteer from the audience and
coach that person on special language techniques
that can be used to dramatically improve their level
of success.

As he works with his volunteer, Carl will also prove,
beyond a shadow of a doubt, that YOU already
have a goldmine of resources in your head, in
your address book, and in your past experiences.

He'll show you (and all listeners) how you could
have already made a fortune with Tahitian Noni
had you only been coached on how to tap into your
natural gifts, talents, and resources that have been
there all along.

You'll also hear Carl demonstrate simple language
formulas that will cause people to instantly be
attracted to you, your products, and your Tahitian Noni

The best part is that when you use these formulas,
people won't even know they're being prospected!

For more information, and to register for the class,
use this link:

MLM Teleclass Link

(Teleconference bridge line information will be sent
to you immediately via email upon registration.)

Please don't miss this unique opportunity to hear
"real time" coaching ...and see just how simple
success in Tahitian Noni can be.

Wishing you ALL the best!

The Staff at MLMU

PS: This training is scheduled at the request of Independent
Tahitian Noni Distributors and is not a Tahitian Noni Corporate
approved training event.
See ya at the Beaches of Tahiti...Are You Ready?

Personification of Awakened Noni Beauty and Brain: Dr. Kenna Stephenson
New Advisory Board Member of the Tahitian Noni International Inc. Dr. Kenna Stephenson, is a gem and treasure by any standard. Erudiction and prodigious scholarship, combined with "Trim" beauty, Wow! Aren't we blessed? I feel exceedingly proud, first as a woman and also as a Tahitian Noni lifestyle and Independent Product Consultant to have you come on board. I blew you a kiss of friendship and honor, welcome sister! I congratulate leadership for this virtuous and rejuvenating addition!


Please welcome another world-class expert to our Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® advisory board! Dr. Kenna Stephenson, MD, FAAFP, is a renowned women’s health physician, research scientist, and the author of the acclaimed Awakening Athena: Restoration, Resilience, and Rejuvenation for Women.

Dr. Stephenson’s insights into the effectiveness of Tahiti Trim® Plan 40® are powerful in helping women choose a health program that is right for them. “I have personally found that the Tahiti Trim Plan 40 products help me,” she says. “Through the natural source of the noni plant, they help me achieve the energy and vitality I need to better care for my family and patients. They provide the body with many of the nutrients needed to help address health concerns faced by women over 40. Plan 40 is an incredibly effective combination of lifestyle factors, fiber, vitamins, minerals, and herbs including the noni plant.”

Please read more about Dr. Stephenson’s credentials and experience in the Advisory Board section of the Press Room at TahitianNoni.com, and share her expertise with others!"

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International