Sunday, August 20, 2006

Loving Noni
A picture, they say, is worth more than one thousand words! If words are vehicles for conveyance of love, much more would pictures (motion pictures) do. So, if my words are few here, it is because I am satiated with what I have seen from this video of the TNI in Print. My good friend from Canada, Amira Havas, said of the video after watching, just as you are about to do. "...the coolest video I have seen in a long time" Watch and enjoy to your health and wealth.
What is Noni?
Information is the mother of transformation. Without it, am afraid, we may not escape deformity. Therefore, I bring you wothwhile info on Nono from Noni Health Info treasure where you can get introductory information on Tahitian Noni.
Media Attention For Noni In Five Continents!
This summer have been a publicity blitz for Tahitian Noni in virtually all the continents. Noni has indeed gone continental. Share a clip of the Noni wildfire as it spreads accross the globe from this account by Shon Witney:

"I told you that Tahitian Noni® products have been featured in the media on four continents in the last week, but I was wrong—say hello to continent number FIVE!

I just received this magazine article from TNI’s Australia office. The article is from the most recent issue of Options magazine, which can be found in health stores across the country. With a circulation of 200,000, this magazine has major reach with our most receptive audience!

The article features the TePoemä® product line, and talks in detail about the Restorative Eye Essence. In addition, when people subscribe to Options over the web, they’re entered into a drawing to win a TePoemä® Daily Regimen Pack. What fantastic exposure and product promotion!

Media attention on five continents in a matter of days—show me another network marketing company that commands that much attention, or that has established such an incredible brand in such a short time. Without a doubt, TNI continues to offer the best opportunity out there."

Shon Whitney
Vice President, Marketing Communications
Tahitian Noni International