Sunday, October 08, 2006

If You Want To Lose Weight,...Drink Water!

Weekly Tip From Plan 40® Sales Team: Drink Water!

"Dear IPCs,

The most abundant resource on our planet is water. Some astrologists have even nick-named Earth the "Blue Planet." In our weight-control journey, water can be a great asset to us. Here's why...

* Our kidney's cannot function properly without adequate water. When they are hampered in their efforts, they dump off part of their load to the liver. Now, remember that one of the liver's main jobs is to metabolize fat. If the liver has to pick up the slack from the kidney's, it cannot perform to its maximum capacity. Result? Less fat ismetabolized and more is stored in the body.

* Our body will only tolerate a certain concentration of sodium. If we eat too much salt, our body will retain water to dilute it. Want to getrid of the excess sodium and return the body to its normal balance? Drink water!

* Water helps to maintain muscle tone, which in turn helps to prevent dehydration.

* Drinking adequate water helps to prevent the sagging skin that can follow weight loss.

* Water helps the body to get rid of waste. During weight loss, there is more waste to eliminate. All the metabolized fat must be carried out ofthe system.

* Retaining fluid? The best remedy for retaining fluid is to drink water. That seems a little bit counter-intuitive, but when the body has less fluid than it needs, it retains fluid to combat the perceived threat. This retained water is stored between the cells and leads to the stiff, bloated feeling we all know. The best way to solve this problem is giving the body enough water so that it will release the stored water.

How much water is enough? The best guide is the color of your urine. It should be a very pale yellow. Worried about being up all night using the restroom? As the body gets used to the correct amount of water and eliminates the excess waste that has been building up in the body, the feeling of needing to urinate constantly will subside. Water, inexpensive, available everywhere, good for you! Drink several glasses today!

-Best Wishes,"

Plan 40® Sales Team

Thank You leaders, for these powerful but natural health tips. We appreciate them.

Tahitian Noni Progesterone Cream

Tahiti Trim Plan 40® Body Balance Cream

This is the latest product news passed to us by Druskee:

Hormones-especially progesterone for women, play a vital role in your health and overall well-being. However the transition into menopause can lead into hormone imbalance. Because progesterone affects every tissue in a woman's body, this loss is not one that can be easily ignored. This imbalance of hormones can induce cravings-especially sweets and starches. These cravings can lead to frequent snacking and weight gain.

The Tahiti Trim Plan 40® Body Balance Cream, is formulated with natural progesterone, restores your sense of physical and emotional well-being and keeps the increased food cravings that come with hormonal changes under control.

Featured Ingredients:
  • Progesterone-which helps balance the hormones levels
  • Noni Fruit Juice-which promotes healthy skin
  • Noni Seed Oil-a powerful moisturizer and hydrator
  • Sunflower Seed Oil-has high levels of essential fatty acids as well as
  • Lecithin and carotenoids- all which help your skin absorb nutrients and function as a protective barrier

Price: $38(retail) $25(member price)

How To Build Your Tahitian Noni Business

My family calls her Mommy Dru, Dru Young Briedis is our inestimable mentor and foremost woman IPC, the #15 on the Tahitian Noni International Inc. List of millions of IPCs over the world. Her sweet-sixteen, ravishing beauty belies her age, thanks to the Tahitian Noni "miracle", that lifted her, out of a bed-ridden, debilitating energy-sucking circumstances ten years ago! She sent us these vital tips on bulilding our Tahtian Noni Network unto a fruitful level. Think upon this one, it may appear slow, but it would cumulate unto a steady growth of your organisation, income and fulfilment. And that is the strategy that wins the Noni race. Now on your marks, Get set, Gooo:

"If you passed out 2 CD's or tapes a day, 5 days a week, 4 weeks a month, thiswould be 40 CD's passed out and prospects' phone numbers gathered.

When you follow up to pick up your CD to recirculate, ASK: "What interested you most on the CD?"

I just loan them the CD with a date set to get it back and keep those CD's in circulation.

Always suggest they are welcome to loan the CD to anyone they think could benefit.

If ONE person a month signed up..., and you taught them to sign up ONE person a month...

...and to teach their people to sign up ONE person a month -- andthey did it!

... at the end of 1 year you would have over 4,000 in YOUR successline.

At this point you've achieved true financial independence! "

What a brilliant thought and ACTION in display!

Thanks Mommy Dru for your wisdom.